If you are admitted to a full-time program or you are a Spanish fiscal resident admitted to a part time or blended format program from IE and plan on applying for a loan from one of our partner institutions take note of the below application periods and deadlines.

For more information on our Banco Sabadell loan offer, see: www.ie.edu/bancosabadell

For more information on our Banca March loan offer, see: www.ie.edu/bancamarch

Loan Applications Periods by Program

Below are date ranges that indicate when you can apply for a loan for your program for Fall 2013 intakes. Applications sent outside these date ranges will not be accepted.

EXECUTIVE LLM (IE-Northwestern University) - 30/08/2013
Executive Master en Finanzas - 30/08/2013
Executive MBA blended - 15/10/2013
Executive MBA blended squared - 15/10/2013
Executive MBA+ English Blended Squared - 15/10/2013
Executive MBA+ Español Quincenal - 15/10/2013
Executive MBA+ Español Semanal - 15/10/2013
Global Executive MBA - 15/10/2013
Global Master in Finance - 15/10/2013
Global MBA blended English - 15/10/2013
Global MBA blended espanol - 15/10/2013
Global MBA blended squared - 15/10/2013
Global MBA+ Español Semanal - 15/10/2013
International LLM - 15/09/2013
International MBA (English) - 30/10/2013
International MBA (Español) - 30/10/2013
Master in Architectural Design - 15/09/2013
Master in Corporate Communication - 30/08/2013
Master in Digital Journalism - 30/08/2013
Master in Finance - 30/08/2013
Master in International Relations - 15/09/2013
Master in Management (English) - 30/08/2013
Master in Management (Español) - 30/08/2013
Master in Research and Consumer Behaviour - 30/08/2013
Master in Visual Media Communication - 30/08/2013
Masters of Laws (LLM) - 15/09/2013
Masters of Laws (LLM) Part-time - 30/08/2013


Abhi June 25, 2013 - 5:41 am

You mentioned date ranges in the POST but only 1 date is mentioned for each program.
Can you please clarify the start and end date for the application.

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I wish every university gives out these loan programs. It is irritating but somehow I know that a Masters or a Phd is necessary to get tenure positions or be considered as an expert in a particular field. I bet tons of will be needed to complete these programs.

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