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If Your Graduating or Leaving Spain: Close Your Caja Madrid Bank Account (It’s Your Responsibility)

If you have a Caja Madrid bank account and are an international student at IE, you need to keep in mind that you are responsible for closing your account before you leave Spain.  Any fees that are covered to your account after you leave Spain are your responsibility, and non-payment of these fees affects your credit rating.  IE and Caja Madrid work very closely to ensure the long term health of our partnership, so please act accordingly.

If you are coming up to graduation time you should either pass by the C/Serrano, 114 branch and close your account, or if you are staying on in Spain, renew your account with up to date details.

Bank Statements: Come Pick Them Up Today!

If you have not provided Caja Madrid with your up to date address, chances are that we are receiving your monthly bank statements here at Financial Aid.  Applied for new debit card but you never received it?  It’s probably here as well.  It is crucial that you maintain Caja Madrid informed of your accurate address information, so please be sure to stop by the branch and show them documentation that proves your address.  If you do not come by to pick up your statements, they will be destroyed at the end of each business quarter (March, June, September and December).


The Association of MBAs (AMBA) is one of the “triple crown” organizations that monitor and drive quality in the MBA arena by acting as an accreditation body for top business schools.  IE Business School is accredited by the AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB.

Recently the AMBA launched a new section on their web site dedicated to informing interested MBA candidates about financial assistance options at selected business schools, and IE Business School is one of the first schools to be included.  When an MBA candidate navigates to the AMBA web site they will be able to access this blog, the IE Financial Aid web page and also the IE Financial Aid video.

To learn more about AMBA see their web page by clicking here, or go directly to their financial aid options section by clicking here.


A brief update for our US candidates: in April Sallie Mae will be offering a renewed approach to education loans for American students who wish to study in the United States or abroad.

Instead of applying for various different loan options depending on you program, now students can apply for a Smart Option Student Loan for their program at IE, be it the International MBA, a Master of Laws (LLM) or other program.  According to Sallie Mae, the new offer is:

“…a new private loan that enables students to save money, build good credit, and repay their student loan debt sooner. Students could save thousands of dollars over the life of the new loan and could pay off the balance nine years faster, compared to most other private student loan alternatives. In today’s difficult economy, families have become even more aware of the risks associated with too much debt and poor credit habits. Sallie Mae has developed the new Sallie Mae Smart Option Student LoanSM to help safeguard families from these risks.”

To learn more, click here.


The IE Fellows program provides the attractive opportunity of both rounding out your IE experience and obtaining financial support with regards to your tuition fees.

While fellowships are available in most areas at IE, if you have a particular interest in contributing to research activities at IE, why not check out the Research blog:

Feel free to mention specific areas of interest in your fellowship letter of intent.


IE actively partners with leading organizations globally in order to locate and attract the best degree candidates worldwide, and now IE is working with the SEGIB to recruit Latin Americas top professionals.  As one of our most important bi-lateral programs in the region, the ACCELERATE Scholarships provide funding support for professionals looking to join one of our full-time master programs in Madrid, primarily the International MBA which is offered in two tracks: English and Spanish.  Below are two releases about the program recently published in two of Latin America’s top dailies:

  1. América Economía (see article – in Spanish)
  2. Dinero (see article – in Spanish)

While the application deadline has no closed for applying for a Fundación Carolina Scholarship, those who have applied need to make sure they have definitive admissions from IE for their chosen master program by 20 March.  Under certain exceptional circumstances we some applicants will be considered should they possess definitive admissions before April 01.  Applying for a Fundación Carolina Scholarship is a two-step process where the applicant must first apply for a scholarship to the Fundación Carolina, and then as a 2nd seperate step, the student must apply to and gain admissions to IE Business School or IE Law School.  This year the scholarship recipients for the 2009-2010 academic year will be notified in May and June of 2009.

To learn more about the Fundación Carolina, navigate to:


“e-fellow Markus Graff will be joining the April intake of the International MBA at the IE Business School with a scholarship exclusively for fellows and alumni.  Previously he studied BWL in Ravensburg and worked at Boehringer Ingelheim as a project manager. IE Business School appealed to him due to the focus on ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’, because Mark also has a small company he started on his own: he sells  remote-controlled aircraft to ‘adult children'”… 

To read the full interview, please see here (interview is in German as e-fellows is a German initiative).

For more information about, navigate to


Las becas “Turismo de España” 2009 están destinadas a profesionales del turismo, españoles y extranjeros, que desean ampliar sus conocimientos en este área cursando un programa de postgrado como el Executive Master en Dirección de Empresas Turísticas ( ).

Cada beca tiene una cuantía de 20.000€ y es otorgada por el Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio de España. Los beneficiarios de la misma reciben, adicionalmente y de forma automática, una beca complementaria otorgada por la Fundación IE. Ambas becas permiten cubrir el 80% del importe total del master.

Para más información puede consultar la página web:  

The Tourism Spain 2009 Scholarships are intended to support leading professionals from the tourism sector who wish to follow a master such as the Executive Master en Dirección de Empresas Turísticas ( offered at IE Business School.  While the program is in Spanish, the scholarships are open to all nationalities.

Each scholarship has a value of 20.000€ and is awarded by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce of Spain.  The recipients of this scholarship will also receive a combined scholarship from IE, which together with the Ministry’s scholarship, means that interested candidates will only have to meet the remaining 20% of program fees, as the combined the scholarships cover 80% of tuition fees.

To learn more about the scholarships please see IE’s “Tourism and Leasure” blog by clicking on the link:

The Spain Tourism Scholarships 2009 are awarded by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce (Government of Spain). 



At our upcoming Virtual Information Sessions on Financial Aid, we will provide insight regarding all the financial options available at IE and the financial aid application process.

All candidates interested in our master programs should register by sending an email to

The dates and times of the upcoming virtual information sessions are:

  • English Information Session:    18h00 (CET), 15 April, 2009
  • Spanish Information Session:   19h00 (CET), 15 April, 2009
  • English Information Session:    10h00 (CET), 14 May, 2009
  • Spanish Information Session:   15h00 (CET), 14 May, 2009
  • English Information Session:    18h00 (CET), 15 June, 2009
  • Spanish Information Session:  19h00 (CET), 15 June, 2009



En las siguientes fechas vamos a presentarles todas las opciones de financiación disponibles en IE y les explicaremos el proceso de solicitarlas.

Todos los candidatos interesados en los programas master deben envíar un email a para registrarse.

Las fechas y las horas de las siguientes sesiones informativas virtuales son:

  • Sesión Informativa inglés:      18h00 (CET), 15 April, 2009
  • Sesión informativa español:  19h00 (CET), 15 April, 2009
  • Sesión Informativa inglés:      10h00 (CET), 14 May, 2009
  • Sesión informativa español:  15h00 (CET), 14 May, 2009
  • Sesión Informativa inglés:      18h00 (CET), 15 June, 2009
  • Sesión informativa español:  19h00 (CET), 15 June, 2009

Additional Loan Option for US Students?

Written on March 13, 2009 by Joël McConnell in Loans | Préstamos

If you’re a US student and are looking for a creative way to finance your program at IE Business School, you may want to look into GreenNote Private Student Loans Network:

According to their site, GreenNote’s mission is:

Helping Students Connect with their Social Network to Secure Low-Cost Student Loans.

GreenNote is an innovative new company that has been created to help students obtain loans for education via social networking rather than through traditional lending methods.

Please share any comments you have about the option, as we’d be interested in knowning about how well this option works in practice.

IE does not endorse GreenNote nor support the iniciative officially.  This message is simply a notification of one potential alternative for US students looking to finance their degree at IE via alternative methods.

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