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Government Aid Programs: Spain and International

While we recommend you do a web search to seek out the best government aid programs in your country, here we have included a little overview about the types of aid programs countries may offer for students.  We also provided a listing of government aid programs IE actively participates in, and please, if your country’s aid program is not listed, please email us at financialaid@ie.edu [1] and tell us about how we can help you obtain funding from the office that manages the funding scheme.  Generally there is an administrative process where the institution must be officially recognised by the government office, and this an area we have experience in managing.

Government Aid Programs in Spain

Government aid in Spain is economic needs-based and so very often students coming to IE do not qualify for governement stipends.  However, the main points to take into consideration with regards to government aid programs in Spain are:

International: Selection of Government and Non-Profit Aid Programs Outside Spain

Many countries offer funding support programs for students studying at home or abroad, and often students coming to IE can take advantage of these programs as a means to help in the financing of their program.  Below is a listing of some of the government and non-profit supported aid programs IE students have access to: