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Scholarship Application Limits

Please note that we only accept a maximum of 3 scholarship applications from any one candidate, and that since students are only able to have 1 scholarship awarded by the IE Foundation, if you are awarded a scholarship, the other scholarships you applied for are automatically denied.  We only communicate denials however, in the case you have received no scholarship.

Scholarship Committee decisions are final and non-contestable, and we do not accept requests for scholarship reconsiderations or increases.  Much effort is put into ensuring 360º feedback is collected for each scholarship candidate, so when a decion is taken, it is final.

Scholarships cannot be transferred to other intakes, so please be sure you clearly indicate for which intake and program you wish to request a scholarship for.

Please note that Fellowships are considered seperate, so in addition to applying for up to a maximum of 3 scholarships, you may also apply for an IE Fellowship.  See IE Fellows Program | Programa IE Fellows [1]  for more information.