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Update: Sallie Mae and the “Smart Option Student Loan”

A brief update for our US candidates: in April Sallie Mae will be offering a renewed approach to education loans for American students who wish to study in the United States or abroad.

Instead of applying for various different loan options depending on you program, now students can apply for a Smart Option Student Loan for their program at IE, be it the International MBA, a Master of Laws (LLM) or other program.  According to Sallie Mae, the new offer is:

“…a new private loan that enables students to save money, build good credit, and repay their student loan debt sooner. Students could save thousands of dollars over the life of the new loan and could pay off the balance nine years faster, compared to most other private student loan alternatives. In today’s difficult economy, families have become even more aware of the risks associated with too much debt and poor credit habits. Sallie Mae has developed the new Sallie Mae Smart Option Student LoanSM to help safeguard families from these risks.”

To learn more, click here [1].