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Information Session: ICO Loans

IE Financial Aid would like to invite you to an information session on the topic of how to apply for a loan from the Instituto de Crédito Oficial – ICO (www.ico.es [1]).   Present at the session will be a representative from Banco Santander who will explain how to apply for the loans and how to process an approved loan, as all ICO loans are facilitated via banking institutions and credit unions, and Santander is the bank IE is working with to help students with their ICO loans.

What costs does a loan from the ICO cover?  The loan covers program costs up to 6.000€ plus up to 21 additional monthly payments of a value of 800€ each.  So for example if you were studying in the 13-month International MBA program, you could potentially obtain up to a maximum of 16.400€ (6.000€ + 13 x 800€).

Who can apply for these loans?  All university graduates with Spanish nationality, nationality from a EU member country or a non-EU national who has been a registered resident of Spain for at least 4 years. Specific residency requirements are available at: www.ico.es [1].

Information Session