We’ve just launched a new award program for students bringing their spouses/partners and/or families with them to Madrid while they are completing full-time studies. The key details are below, see the Financial Aid web site for more infromation on how to apply...

The Family Support Grants are meant to help two types of students:

1) Admitted students who are coming to IE for full-time master study, and who will be bringing their spouse and/or family with them.
2) Spouses of current and admitted students who decide to also do a master program at IE, while their spouse is completing their program.

Admitted students bringing their family.  If you are an admitted student who will be bringing your family with you to Madrid while you are studying at IE on a full-time basis, then we may be able to help with the financial burden. While funds are limited, the IE Foundation has made a set amount of awards available to support students coming to Madrid for study, who will be bringing their spouse and/or children.

Spouses of current and admitted students. While you may not have children yet, every year many students bring their spouses to Madrid with them when studying a full-time master program. Given that spouses generally can’t work, the IE Foundation has also set aside funds to provide financial support for those spouses of current students who decide they too want to study a program at IE.

Requirements: Definitive Admission to an IE master program and official documentation showing you will be bringing your spouse and/or family with you. Additional documentation may be requested.

Value: From 20%-50% of tuition fees, applied directly to the pending tuition due for the student or spouse studying at IE.


Umesh Arora July 9, 2010 - 9:09 am


I is really nice to see that IE has initiated this support / grant program. I am sure it would be quite useful for prospective students who are interested in pursuing their international education without compromising on their family life.

As a prospective student myself, I wasnted to get some more information about this grant. Would be grateful if you could clarify the following points:
1. How many students of the eligible lot (with families / partners) as a % got this grant last year / current year (till now)?
2. What was the average grant that they received?
3. Is there any criteria to decide who would be eligible for this grant and the grant amount entitlement?
4. Are international students also eligible for this grant?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Umesh Arora

for the last / current year (uptil now)

Joël McConnell July 9, 2010 - 11:42 am

Hi Umesh, thanks for your comment!

Please note we only launched this scholarship in mid 2010 so we don’t yet have annualized statistics. However to answer your questions as closely as possible, please see my answers below:

1) Any student that is coming to study in Madrid full-time with their legal spouse/partner and/or children is eligible to apply.
2) Grants vary upong the competitiveness of the candidate (professional and academic experience, test scores) and the proven economic need. We get many requests for support but we have set budgets, so we have to award the assistance as best possible given limited resources.
3) Again, we look at the “whole profile” of the student, as such be sure to present your best case when applying.
4) This program is applicable for any admitted IE degree candidate, from Spain or abroad.

Best regards,


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