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Statens Uddannerlsesstøtte Scholarships for Danish Nationals

Study abroad schoalrships for Danish nationals are available via Statens Uddannerlsesstøtte SU – the Danish Education Support Agency.

Students who wish to study abroad may apply for a scholarship for up to two years. The scholarship is intended to partly or wholly cover the tuition fees at certain study programmes in other countries.

There is a maximum limit to the study abroad scholarship. The amount at most corresponds to the sum received by a Danish educational institution for a corresponding study programme in Denmark. Should the tuition fees at the foreign educational institution be higher than the Danish scholarship, you must pay the remainder of the fee yourself. Also grants are available to cover living expenses.

IE is a recognized academic institution (SU berettiged) for master degree study, see the below link more additional information of SU support programs for Danish nationals.

More information here [1].