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US News: How to Fund Your MBA

Check out this recent article from US News on how to fund your MBA program (see article here [1]).

“While scholarships and other types of “free” money are available at fewer M.B.A. programs than non-professional forms of graduate education, there are many resources available for a scholarship or fellowship that fits your background and needs…”

This article talks about the realities on funding your program, and even provides a link to a web page that will be of great interest to our US candidates regarding external sources of funding (see reference page here [2]).

Keep this in mind, if you’re an admitted degree candidate to IE Business School or any one of IE’s schools: if you need financial assistance, IE Financial Aid can help.  There will always be partial funding available for the student who brings a well-rounded profile that includes excellence in past academic and professional performance, and unique and insightful experiences to share in the classroom learning environment.

We invest in our future alumni, check out our web site to learn more about the 80+ scholarships, fellowships and 40+ loan options at www.ie.edu/financialaid [3].