On Tuesday, September 11, the 2012/2013 Fulbright Scholars and Grantees began their orientation week and began to settle in Madrid.  As part of the initial day of the orientation week, Joël McConnell, Director of Financial Aid at IE Business School, participated on a panel that served to orient Fulbright recipients on the importance of the opportunity, the collaboration that is necessary to make their year in Spain happen, and the responsibility being a Fulbright recipient entails.

Additional panel speakers included Alberto López San Miguel, Executive Director of the Fulbright Commission in Spain; Carlos Maldonado Valcarcel, Deputy Director for Coordination of Cultural and Scientific Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation; Rocío Albert, General Director for Quality Improvement in Education for the Madrid Regional Government; and Amy Bliss, Cultural Attaché for the US Embassy to Spain.


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make only brief references to the bin Laden operation But the mission is portrayed as a singular example of counterterrorism cooperation among the US governments numerous intelligence agenciesEight hours after the raid according to the documents a forensic intelligence laboratory run by the Defense Intelligence Agency in Afghanistan had analyzed DNA from bin Ladens corpse and “provided a conclusive match” confirming his identity The budget further reveals that satellites operated by the National Reconnaissance Office performed more than 387 “collects” of high-resolution and infrared images of the Abbottabad compound in the month before the raid intelligence that was “critical to prepare for the mission and contributed to the decision to approve execution”Also playing a role in the search for bin Laden was an arm of the NSA known as the Tailored Access Operations group Among other functions the group specializes in surreptitiously installing spyware and tracking devices on targeted computers and mobile-phone networksAlthough the budget does not provide detail it reports that Tailored Access Operations “implants” enabled the NSA to collect intelligence from mobile phones that were used by al-Qaeda operatives and other “persons of interest” in the hunt for bin LadenSeparately Tailored Access Operations capabilities were used in April 2011 the month before bin Laden was killed when US forces in Afghanistan relied on signals intelligence from implants to capture 40 low- and mid-level Taliban fighters and other insurgents in that country according to the documentsThe new details about the raid fill out an already rich public account of how the US government employed virtually every tool in its enormous surveillance apparatus to locate bin Laden For more than a decade bin Laden had stymied all efforts to find him by making certain he did not leave a direct electronic trail He steadfastly avoided phones and e-mail relying on face-to-face communications with a few couriers and middlemenIn addition to the satellites the government flew over Pakistan to eavesdrop on electronic transmissions The CIA also recruited a Pakistani doctor and other public health workers to try to obtain blood samples from people living in the Abbottabad compound as part of a vaccination program to determine whether the residents might be related to bin Laden That doctor was convicted by a Pakistani court in May 2012 of “conspiring against the state” A senior judicial official on Thursday overturned the 33-year prison sentence for Shakil Afridi on technical grounds and ordered a retrialFor all their technological prowess US spy agencies were unable to identify bin Laden with confidence inside the Abbottabad compound By the time President Obama ordered a team of Navy SEALs to storm the site in May 2011 US intelligence officials told the president that according to their best guesses the odds that bin Laden was present were 40percent to 60percentEven after bin Ladens death the US government kept up its relentless high-tech campaign to unlock his secretsBudget documents show that intelligence agencies scraped together $25million in emergency money in September 2011 to sift through a backlog of computer files and other evidence recovered from bin Ladens hideout The money went to buy 36 computer workstations and pay overtime to forensic examiners linguists and “triage personnel” involved in the project orange curacao) or the simple-yet-potent Blackheart’s Punch (Blackstrap rum,night after? With the Sweater Set. DC Improv, Authorities in the Dominican Republic will look into allegations of child sex abuse against Wesolowski, noting that his office is aware only of rumors and has not received any accusations. adding it does not count against the extra benefit rules.Step aside).

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in a statement Jan 14Kremer issued that statement after President Obama argued that if Congress did not raise the debt limit the United States would not be able to pay for services rendered in the past: “If congressional Republicans refuse to pay Americas bills on time Social Security checks and veterans benefits will be delayed” Obama said “We might not be able to pay our troops or honor our contracts with small business owners”This is an interesting question which before the last debt limit showdown in 2011 Then we examined whether Social Security benefits could still be paid even if the debt ceiling was breached; the answer was a bit inconclusive But after that last crisis the Treasury Departments inspector general provided Congress with at the options the administration had considered for such a crisisMoreover Kremer has upped the ante by saying the government could pay not only Social Security benefits but also Medicare and the military three of the biggest parts of the budget as well as interest payments on the debt Lets examine whether her claim is credibleThe FactsThis years debt ceiling showdown is exacerbated by the fact that February is just about the worst month in terms of government finances because relatively little money is collected while lots of bills must be paid including income-tax refunds Both the and the say that there is tremendous legal uncertainty about whether some payments could be honored while others ignored if the nation goes about the borrowing limit The Treasury believes that Congress has never given direction about which payments should receive priority; others (such as the Government Accountability office in 1985) have concluded there is no requirement that Treasury must pay bills in the order in which they are received This is a bit of an academic dispute The sheer volume of transactions as many as 5 million a day would make it difficult to pick and choose Moreover Treasury says its systems are designed to make payments in the order in which they are dueAfter the 2011 showdown Treasury concluded that “the least harmful option available to the country at the time of these very bad options” was a delayed payment regime In other words Treasury would only pay all of the bills for a particular day once it had collected enough cash for every outstanding claim due that day So in theory Mondays payments would be held until say Wednesday Then Tuesdays payments would be held until enough money was collected for that days payments which could be Thursday or Friday So the government could start the following week already three days behind in payments and continue to fall ever farther back Taylor Budowich a spokesman for the Tea Party Express defended Kremers statement pointing us to by the Bipartisan Policy Center which he said included “some options” for spending priorities”It is unadvisable to get into a situation where we must prioritize spending but it is irresponsible and absolutely unacceptable to continue down a path of increased debt increased spending and increased taxes” Budowich saidWe looked at the Bipartisan Policy Center report and actually found that it completely undercut Kremers statement We also double-checked with a co-author of the report and a former staff director of the Senate Budget Committee under Sen Pete V Domenici (R-NM) He agreed that Kremers statement was incorrect “You dont have to be an MIT mathematician to figure this out” Bell said “As a matter of math the tea party person is wrong” On a given day he said payments for Social Security Medicare active-duty soldiers and interest on the debt would add up to $53 billion while the government would have only collected $20 billion Bell also agreed that as a practical matter it was all but impossible for Treasury to pay a defense contractor ahead of a Social Security recipient or vice versaHeres an example of cash-flow problem as illustrated by the Bipartisan Policy Center:The Bipartisan Policy Center in its report also provides a few illustrative examples such as Treasury not paying any income tax refunds in order to pay higher-priority bills first But it says none of the options are practical and would be difficult to maintain for a period of timeThe Pinocchio TestKremer used pretty strong language “baloney” to condemn Obamas statement but the evidence provided by the Tea Party Express actually supports the presidents point By available evidence it appears all but impossible for the Treasury Department to pick and choose among payments or to keep up that balancing act up for very longFour Pinocchios()UPDATE: Taylor Budowich the Tea Party Express spokesman took issue with our analysis and asked to provide a further response We are happy to oblige especially because the Tea Party Express now appears to acknowledge the need for at least a temporary increase in the debt ceiling to get past the months of February and March But we see no reason to alter or amend our ruling on Kremers initial statement “Our statement was challenging the fundamental point made by President Obama that we had to PERMANENTLY increase the debt ceiling as he requested or we would not be able to pay for our military debt Social Security and other government programs What the President said was incorrect and we called him on it”We appreciate and agree that government income fluctuates some days ending in a surplus and others a deficit There are cash flow issues that might necessitate a temporary debt ceiling increase which would then be reduced when tax revenues balloon in March and April We are not opposed to responsibly meeting essential obligations We are correct in pointing out that it is just scare tactics by Obama and not accurate for him to claim that military debt obligations and Social Security might be jeopardized”Even when taking into account the cash flow straw man you created to dispute our essential premise there is plenty of evidence that limiting spending could be successful If you consider an entire month (similar to the analysis on pages 24-28 of the Bipartisan Policy Center) we can pay Interest on Debt ($381B) Medicare/Medicaid ($725B) Social Security Benefits ($611B) Military Pay and Retirement ($132B) and Veterans Benefits ($42B)with $879 Billion left over”That alone should suffice as support for our statement While some days we may have deficits and others surpluses we can easily place a temporary increase in the borrowing (debt) limit for Tuesday knowing it will be paid for on Wednesday Put more generally we can cover the prioritized bills in a way that ends each month with the same debt burden while accepting there are moderate debt fluctuations from day to day”Mr Bell was right it does not take an MIT mathematician to figure this out and this statement should not have resulted in ANY Pinocchios If you want to disagree with our tactics and ideology that is fine but the facts are on our side You cant take the cash flow argument from Mr Bell and use that to prove 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intelligence ‘black budget’ The pages in this document appear in the summary of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s multivolume FY 2013 Congressional Budget Justification ― the U. “The Aging of the Baby Boom and the Growing Care Gap” by the AARP Public Policy Institute As the population of older people increases in the next 20 years the number of adults in their primary caregiving years (ages 45 to 64) is projected to remain flat This means the availability of family caregivers mostly adult children to arrange coordinate provide and/or pay for long-term care services is expected to decline However more than two-thirds of Americans believe that they will be able to rely on their families to meet their long-term care needs “The future looks very unlike the past” said Lynn Feinberg AARP senior policy adviser and one of the reports authors “We have more women in the workforce who are juggling caregiving and work There are a greater number of people living at a distance There is a huge number of people who dont have any living children We have to look at public as well as private community solutions to long-term care”The AARP report is a cautionary tale for todays caregivers and other midlife individuals You may be caring for your mom or dad now but who will care for you “Boomers who are the large cohort of caregivers have to start thinking ahead as they are providing care” said Donald Redfoot AARP senior strategic policy adviser and co-author of the report To help you plan for your long-term care needs AARP has created a 40-day challenge called “Decide Create Share” Although it is geared toward women in their 40s 50s and 60s guys should join in too Go to and take the pledgeThere are seven steps over the course of 40 days The site has a target date to finish by Oct 13 But go ahead and start when you can Youll get e-mail reminders outlining the things you have to do such as telling people where you keep important documents You can download a worksheet that provides guidance about the information youll need to provide Theres a long-term calculator that lets you see the average cost of long-term care in your stateIve been the long-term caregiver for several relatives Because I know the toll it takes Ive taken a personal pledge to put in place a plan to make it easier for my children to take care of me Isnt it time you decide create and share your planReaders may write to Michelle Singletary at The Washington Post 1150 15th St NW Washington DC 20071 or singletarym@washpostcom Personal responses may not be possible and comments or questions may be used in a future column with the writers name unless otherwise requested To read previous Color of Money columns go to (“Today is my last day at Goldman Sachs.in the New York Times“Knowingly subjecting our innocent unborn children to dismemberment in the womb, which bans most abortions after 24 weeks of pregnancy. were not going to wade into the debate over exactly when life begins.

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