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If you are admitted to a full-time program or you are a Spanish fiscal resident admitted to a part time or blended format program from IE and plan on applying for a loan from one of our partner institutions take note of the below application periods and deadlines.

For more information on our Banco Sabadell loan offer, see:

For more information on our Banca March loan offer, see:

Loan Applications Periods by Program

Below are date ranges that indicate when you can apply for a loan for your program.  Applications sent outside these date ranges will not be accepted.

Master in Advanced Finance (January ’13 intake): 1-30 November 2012
Master in International Management (February ’13 intake): 1-30 November 2012
Executive MBA+ (February ’13 intake): 1-30 January 2013
Executive MBA+ (March ’13 intake): 1-28 February 2013
Executive MBA+ (April’13 intake): 1-30 March 2013
Executive MBA+ (May ’13 intake): 1-30 April 2013
Executive Master in Positive Leadership and Strategy (April’13 intake): 1-28 February 2013
Global MBA+ (April’13 intake): 1-30 March 2013
Master en Asesoría Jurídica de Empresas (LL.M.): (February ’13 intake): 1-30 November 2012
Global MBA+ (March ’13 intake): 1-28 February 2013
International MBA (April’13 intake): 1 January-28 February 2013
Master in Architectural Management and Design (February ’13 intake): 1-30 November 2012
Global Executive MBA (June ’13 intake): 1-30 May 2013
IE Brown Executive MBA (March ’13 intake): 1-30 February 2013


The Master in Work Space Design is an innovative post-professional program that addresses the implications of change in our contemporary work place, and the program has been designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to establish positive relationships between the design of the work space, business and the individual.

Studying at IE is an investment in many ways, and financial commitment certainly is an important factor to think about.   In an effort to help potential students of the Master in Work Space Design program fund their programs, IE has obtainedfunding to launch two new scholarships:

Modern Office & Facility Scholarships
This 15% grant upon admissions to the program is only available for applicants who participanted in the 2012 ORGATEC Fair in Cologne.  ORGATEC the world’s leading trade fair for Office and Facility. In 2012 the fair will generated momentum while paving the way for pioneering advances, demonstrating its role as a successful presentation platform and meeting place for all decision-makers in the office and facility market.  See the ORGATEC web site here.

Scholarship for Creative Workspace Designers
IE will grant a number of scholarships with individual amounts of up to 50% of tuition fees, to those aspiring to excel in advanced work space design in conjunction with business management.   See the IE Financial Aid web page here for more information on these scholarships.

For more information on the Master in Work Space Design program see here.


Si eres un candidato admitido y vives en Guatemala, puede ser interesante contactar con nuestra oficina local o Banco Reformador para conseguir más información sobre cómo solicitar un crédito con dicha institución financiera.  En breve, la oferta consiste de:

– Préstamos de hasta el 80% del valor del programa a todos los programas blended o presencial
– Tipo de interés del 12% en quetzales y 8% si es en dólares,
– Periodo de gracias de 6 meses una vez acabado el programa y un
– Plazo de financiamiento de 5 años

Para más información, contactar con nuestra oficina responsable para candidatos de Centroamérica a través de la siguiente dirección:

Oct is an initiative to highlight or simply provide information about scholarships available across the Globe. This “scholarship integrator” updates their website on regular basis and all types of scholarship and finanacial aid information is posted for the covenience interested site users. The scholarships are categorized in Government, NGO’s / Trusts and Corporate Scholarships. They are also categorized according to the level of education such as Undergraduate, Postgradute, PHD / Doctorate, Post Doctoral Scholarships and Research Scholarships.

IE Financial Aid does not guarantee the quality or accuracy of the information, but does think it is worth checking out for potential funding support, for undergraduate and postgraduate studies at IE.


IE Business School Prize for Economic Journalism

Written on October 10, 2012 by Joël McConnell in Global News on Financial Aid

The last 20 years have seen unprecedented levels of development and economic transformation in practically all the countries in the Asian continent. This growth is evidenced not only by macroeconomic figures but also by the change in the day-to-day lives of hundreds of millions of Asians, duly documented and chronicled by the media in countries throughout Asia. These narratives of the different phases of economic growth include accounts of the first arrivals of foreign business, mass exportation to the West, and the major inroads made by Asian multinationals in the rest of the world since the year 2000, not only in the form of exports but also in terms of purchases and production in every continent.

In order to lend our support and bring added impetus to this important personal and social challenge facing economic journalists in Asia, IE BUSINESS SCHOOL has created the IE BUSINESS SCHOOL PRIZE FOR ECONOMIC JOURNALISM IN ASIA, aided by the sponsorship of CAF Banco de Desarrollo de América Latina in the form of 6000 euros (aprox 7500 US Dollars). The Prize recognizes the article and media that best fosters economic culture among the population of the country in question by explaining how global trends and movements are impacting the spending power of its citizens.

For more information, register here.


IE Business School y Fundación Canal están buscando premiar ideas innovadoras, viables y sostenibles capaces de crear empleo en la Comunidad de Madrid. Los 3 ganadores del concurso conseguirán una becapara el Master in Management de IE, recientemente cotizada como el sextor mejor del mundo (ver los rankings aquí).

Más información sobre el concurso en la página web de Fundación Canal (ver toda la información sobre el concurso aquí).

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about payment schedules, payment processing and financial assistance and so Financial Aid wanted to clarify which departments are responsible for which aspects of your tuition payment responsibilities at IE.  This information is useful for admitted candidates to an IE master degree program.

Admissions Department: Payment Schedule and Admissions Contract.

The Admissions Department at IE is responsible not only for selecting the best candidates and offering them admissions to an IE degree program, they are also responsible for formalizing the enrollment process via the Admissions Contract.  As the payment schedule is a component of the Admissions Contract, setting your payment schedule is something you need to discuss with the Admissions Department.  Financial Aid does not handle tuition payment scheduling.

Financial Aid Department: Processing Applications for Financial Assistance and Awarding Assistance to Degree Candidates.

Financial Aid receives applications for scholarships, fellowships and student loans, and decides which admitted candidates receive assistance from IE directly.  Financial Aid also manages all national and international agreements with program co-sponsors.  Financial Aid does not handle payment schedules and/or payment processing issues.

Administration Department: Payment Processing Issues.

Once a student has been admitted to their program, have had their financial assistance request processed and signed their admissions contract, any subsequent payment issue needs to be handled by the Administration Department.  Students who are going to have a delay in the sending of payment are highly recommended to proactively contact the Administration Department.  Late payments are subject to penalty.  Financial Aid does not handle payment processing issues of any kind, including the Place Reservation payment of 5.000€ and the IE Foundation Contribution of 1.200€.

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