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IE Business School Prize for Economic Journalism

The last 20 years have seen unprecedented levels of development and economic transformation in practically all the countries in the Asian continent. This growth is evidenced not only by macroeconomic figures but also by the change in the day-to-day lives of hundreds of millions of Asians, duly documented and chronicled by the media in countries throughout Asia. These narratives of the different phases of economic growth include accounts of the first arrivals of foreign business, mass exportation to the West, and the major inroads made by Asian multinationals in the rest of the world since the year 2000, not only in the form of exports but also in terms of purchases and production in every continent.

In order to lend our support and bring added impetus to this important personal and social challenge facing economic journalists in Asia, IE BUSINESS SCHOOL has created the IE BUSINESS SCHOOL PRIZE FOR ECONOMIC JOURNALISM IN ASIA, aided by the sponsorship of CAF Banco de Desarrollo de América Latina in the form of 6000 euros (aprox 7500 US Dollars). The Prize recognizes the article and media that best fosters economic culture among the population of the country in question by explaining how global trends and movements are impacting the spending power of its citizens.

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