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If you are a current student or alumni of the College of Management and are interested in a semester abroad at IE University, or wish to do your master degree at IE, then come and join the Director of Financial Aid on May 7th to learn more about study options and program funding.  There will be two sessions:

1) May 07, 2012 at 15h00 – Session for Honour Students who wish to complete an exchange semester at IE University in Segovia (see here for more information on programs and campus)

2) May 07, 2012 at 16h30 – Session for senior year students or alumni who wish to complete their master degree at one of IE’s 7 schools at our Madrid campus.  To learn more about our master programs see here.  Also, if you would be interested in completing your Admissions Test (ieGAT) after this presentation please let us know ahead of time, and we’ll plan to offer the admissions test as well.

For more information, please feel free to contact Financial Aid at


Financial Aid Session in London

Written on March 22, 2012 by Joël McConnell in Information Sessions | Sesiones Informativas

The IE London office would like to invite you to several upcoming events on the 27th of March 2012.

First of all we will be hosting an information and professional networking session dedicated to funding your studies at IE Business School. The host of the event will be the Director of Financial Aid for IE, Mr. Joël McConnell.

Completing a Master program at a top international institution is one of the biggest financial decisions of your life so IE Financial Aid aims to provide you with a wide variety of scholarships, fellowships and competitive student loans to maximize your return on investment. The session will include a 6-step process for budget and investment planning you can use to decide how you’ll be funding your studies at IE.

Furthermore you will be able to schedule a One-to-one Meeting to personally talk to the Director of Financial Aid for IE about your profile.

To register and reserve your place for these events please navigate to

Should you have any questions about these events, please do not hesitate to contact us at or at


In academic 2010-2011 we hosted more than 40 informations sessions on Financial Aid, for undergraduate and master degree candidates.  In all, we had more than 3800 participants attend, and so IE Financial Aid information sessions continue to be one of the most attended at IE.  Given that we’re about to start the academic year, here you can find the Financial Aid information session schedule for Academic 2011-2012.

Click here: Financial Aid Information Sessions Schedule 2011-2012

What do we cover during these 30 minute sessions?

1) The basics of Financial Aid: Who we are and what we can do for admitted candidates to IE degree programs.
2) A review of all the tools available from IE Financial Aid, for student who are currently building their financial plan.
3) Overview of the application process for scholarships, fellowships and loans.
4) Recommendations on outside sources to look into.
5) Q&A with participants.

Sign up today by contacting us at


Are you interested in attending an online information session about Financial Aid options at IE?  Check out the 2010-2011 schedule here for information sessions which you can attend from anywhere with internet access.

To attend, simply navigate to on the given date and time.  If you are not located in Europe, remember that Central European Tiem (CET) is GMT+1. 

We’ve got information sessions scheduled for master and undergraduate programs, so be sure to choose the right date given the line of study you wish to follow at IE.


IE Financial Aid would like to invite you to an information session on the topic of how to apply for a loan from the Instituto de Crédito Oficial – ICO (   Present at the session will be a representative from Banco Santander who will explain how to apply for the loans and how to process an approved loan, as all ICO loans are facilitated via banking institutions and credit unions, and Santander is the bank IE is working with to help students with their ICO loans.

What costs does a loan from the ICO cover?  The loan covers program costs up to 6.000€ plus up to 21 additional monthly payments of a value of 800€ each.  So for example if you were studying in the 13-month International MBA program, you could potentially obtain up to a maximum of 16.400€ (6.000€ + 13 x 800€).

Who can apply for these loans?  All university graduates with Spanish nationality, nationality from a EU member country or a non-EU national who has been a registered resident of Spain for at least 4 years. Specific residency requirements are available at:

Information Session

  • Date: Wednesday, 25 November, 2009
  • Length: 16:30-17:30 (1 hour)
  • Location: Maria de Molina, 7, Room D-201
  • Guests: Marta López of Banco Santander, Cayetana Aranzadi of the Office of the Registrar at IE
  • More information:

IE Financial Aid te invita a una sesión informativa sobre como solicitar un préstamo a través del Instituto de Crédito Oficial – ICO ( Contaremos con la Delegada de la Oficina Universitaria del Banco Santander que explicará como tramitar la solicitud, y el préstamo concedido en caso de aprobación por el ICO.

QUÉ GASTOS FINANCIA EL PRÉSTAMO RENTA UNIVERSIDAD: El préstamo financia los gastos necesarios para iniciar el Máster con un límite máximo de 6.000 euros. Adicionalmente, podrá solicitar una renta mensual de hasta 800 euros al mes para cubrir otros gastos, desde la fecha de matriculación hasta la finalización del Máster, con un límite máximo de 21 mensualidades. Por tanto, el importe máximo total de financiación será por ejemplo para el Internacional MBA: 6.000€ + 13*800€ = 16.400€ (IMBA dura 13 meses).

QUIÉN PUEDE SOLICITARLO: Todos los graduados universitarios con nacionalidad española, de un país de la UE o de un país no comunitario residentes en España durante los 4 últimos años. Ver la web para más detalles:

  • FECHA: Miércoles 25 de noviembre, 2009
  • DURACIÓN: 16:30-17:30 (1 hora)
  • UBICACIÓN: Maria de Molina, 7, Aula D-201
  • INVITADOS: Marta López del Banco Santander, Cayetana Aranzadi del Office of the Registrar del IE

On 29 April we hosted two information sessions for candidates interested in the IE – AIESEC Scholarship program for the 2009-2010 academic year, and we had 29 participants who joined from various countries globally to learn more about IE’s partnership with AIESEC, about IE’s programs and about the scholarship program itself.  If you missed the sessions, feel free to watch the recording from the morning session here:  Please keep in mind that only the formal presentation is included, not the Q&A period.

If you would like to attend the next Virtual Information Session, please send an email to that includes your name, preferred email address, and the program you are interested in.  We’ll then send you a reminder email and the link to the next virtual session the day of the event.  The next session will take place:

Thursday 14 May
11h00 CET
18h00 CET 


Join IE Financial Aid next week, April 29, 2009 to learn more about scholarship and fellowship opportunities for AIESEC members and alumni by logging in to at one of the following times:

  1. 10h00 CET (Madrid time)
  2. 18h00 CET (Madrid time)

On the agenda will be the details of how to apply for one of the 8 scholarships we are offering for AIESECers for the 2009-2010 academic year.  The total budget for the program amounts to 100.000€.



At our upcoming Virtual Information Sessions on Financial Aid, we will provide insight regarding all the financial options available at IE and the financial aid application process.

All candidates interested in our master programs should register by sending an email to

The dates and times of the upcoming virtual information sessions are:

  • English Information Session:    18h00 (CET), 15 April, 2009
  • Spanish Information Session:   19h00 (CET), 15 April, 2009
  • English Information Session:    10h00 (CET), 14 May, 2009
  • Spanish Information Session:   15h00 (CET), 14 May, 2009
  • English Information Session:    18h00 (CET), 15 June, 2009
  • Spanish Information Session:  19h00 (CET), 15 June, 2009



En las siguientes fechas vamos a presentarles todas las opciones de financiación disponibles en IE y les explicaremos el proceso de solicitarlas.

Todos los candidatos interesados en los programas master deben envíar un email a para registrarse.

Las fechas y las horas de las siguientes sesiones informativas virtuales son:

  • Sesión Informativa inglés:      18h00 (CET), 15 April, 2009
  • Sesión informativa español:  19h00 (CET), 15 April, 2009
  • Sesión Informativa inglés:      10h00 (CET), 14 May, 2009
  • Sesión informativa español:  15h00 (CET), 14 May, 2009
  • Sesión Informativa inglés:      18h00 (CET), 15 June, 2009
  • Sesión informativa español:  19h00 (CET), 15 June, 2009

Las próximas sesiones virtuales para todos aquellos candidatos que quieren cursar un grado en la IE Universidad son:

  1. Sesión informativa en inglés: 18h00 (CET), 26 de marzo de 2009.
  2. Sesión informativa en español: 19h00 (CET), 26 de marzo de 2009.
  3. Sesión informativa en inglés: 18h00 (CET), 30 de abril de 2009.
  4. Sesión informativa en español: 19h00 (CET), 30 de abril de 2009.

Para participar debes enviar un correo a para inscribirse.

The next virtual sessions for all those candidates interested in joining one of the undergraduate programs offered by IE University should send an email to to enroll.  The dates and times of the upcoming information sessions are:

  1. English Information Session: 18h00 (CET), 26 March, 2009
  2. Spanish Information Session: 19h00 (CET), 26 March, 2009
  3. English Information Session: 18h00 (CET), 30 April, 2009
  4. Spanish Information Session: 19h00 (CET), 30 April, 2009

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