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Para los candidatos que tienen pensado solicitar una de las becas de la Fundación Carolina de la Convocatoria 2013, es importante tener en cuenta las siguientes fechas:

 1) Fecha fin para las solicitudes de la convocatoria de 2013 para las becas Fundación Carolina: 7 abril

El 7 de abril será el último día para enviar la solicitud de beca así como la solicitud de admisión (habiendo realizado ya la prueba de admisión de IE, en caso de ser necesario). No se admitirá ninguna solicitud de beca después de esta fecha, ni tampoco si la solicitud de admisión y/o la prueba de admisión no han sido completados para el 7 de abril. Por tanto, antes de esa fecha debemos tener constancia de: la solicitud de beca debidamente cumplimentada, la solicitud de admisión enviada y la prueba de admisión realizada (cuando sea necesario).

 2) Fecha de selección de candidatos y candidatas que pasarán a ser considerados para entrevistas: 9 de abril.

Tras haber solicitado las becas y el programa de postgrado, tendrá lugar una preselección de candidatos que pasarán a realizar entrevistas con los representantes de la Fundación Carolina. Los candidatos seleccionados para una entrevista recibirán una notificación directamente de la Fundación Carolina a partir del día 9 de mayo.

 3) Periodo de entrevistas con candidatos: a partir del 15 de mayo.

Los candidatos seleccionados tendrán que realizar una entrevista con un representante de la Fundación Carolina a partir del 15 de mayo.  Dichas entrevistas serán parte fundamental del proceso de selección de los candidatos que deseen recibir la beca mencionada.

 4) Comité de Selección de los becados de la Convocatoria de 2013: 25 de junio.

En este paso final se seleccionarán los finalistas para las becas de la Convocatoria de 2013.  El Comité de Selección será constituido por representantes de las instituciones que están participando en esta convocatoria de becas, y los ganadores de las mismas serán los candidatos con el mejor expediente académico y profesional, y quienes consideremos tengan el mayor compromiso para contribuir al desarrollo de regiones claves en Latinoamérica.  Los candidatos que no tengan admisión definitiva al programa de postgrado de IE antes de 25 de junio quedarán automáticamente descartados.

 5) Comunicación de las becas a los candidatos seleccionados de la Convocatoria de 2013: a partir del 26 de junio.

Para poder ir cerrando el proceso de matriculación y de conseguir el visado de estudiante, IE y Fundación Carolina se encargarán de contactar con los adjudicatarios de las becas.

Para más información no duden en contactar con Fundación Carolina o el Departamento de Ayuda Financiera de IE.


If you are a Master degree candidate currently in the admissions process, or a candidate that has been admitted and is thinking of applying for financial assistance from IE, please keep in mind that IE Financial Aid will be open daily from 8h30 to 20h30 CET (Madrid local time), Monday to Friday, for the entire month of August.  During this period, in addition to being able to call, email or stop by the Financial Aid Office in Maria de Molina, 11, we’ll also be processing scholarship and fellowship applications as pero our usual bi-weekly basis. We’ll also be working with candidates who’ve applied for a loan to process their loan applications.

Important reminder: If you are planning on applying for a loan from one of IE’s banking partners, the deadline for application is 30 July, 2012.  No late loan applications will be accepted.

If you are an Bachelor degree candidate please note all selection rounds have now been completed and we’ll will not be accepting any new scholarship applications for the 2012-2013 academic year.

IE Financial Aid will continue to work with outside funding organizations as well during the month of August, so if you are applying for a loan through an organization such as Sallie Mae, your application will be processed as usual.

For more information on Financial Aid, make sure to check the web site at


We have a special policy that exceptionally allows candidates for three joint degrees to apply for a scholarship after they have begun their International MBA at IE Business School.  The applicable programs are:

1) International MBA – Brown PRIME (Program in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship)
2) International MBA – Yale SOM – Master in Advanced Management
3) International MBA – MIT Sloan

To learn more about how to apply for these scholarships and the specific requirements, see here.


Attention Bachelor Degree Candidates!

If you are planning on applying for admissions to an IE undergraduate program, or have already obtained admissions and want to apply for financial assistance from IE, you will want to keep in mind the 4 rounds planned for the upcoming year.

Round I – December 15, 2011
Round II – March 15, 2012
Round III – May 15, 2012
Round IV – July 10, 2012

Different from our process with Master Degree programs, for undergraduate programs we only have 4 rounds of scholarship per year, and so the sooner you apply the better your chances of being awarded a grant are.

Remember: you must have admissions to an IE University Bachelor Degree program before applying for financial assistance from IE Financial Aid.


El miercoles 13 de octubre se publicó en el Boletin Oficial de la Comunidad de Madrid (BOCM) la orden de la 5ª convocatoria de Lidera. A partir del 14 de octubre las candidatas interesadas tienen 15 días hábiles para presentar la solicitud a la Dirección General de la Mujer, y después deben solicitar la admisión a los programas master de IE Business School en caso de no disponer de admisión todavía. La convocatoria incluye 46 becas para los siguientes programas:

– Executive MBA: 16 becas
– Executive MBA Online: 5 becas
– MBA Part-Time: 10 becas
– Executive Master en Dirección Financiera: 10 becas
– Advanced Management Program (AMP): 5 becas

Para más información, descargar el PDF aquí.

Suerte con vuestras solicitudes!


We get many questions on when to apply for scholarships, how the Scholarship Committee selects aid recipients and what to do if the candidate finds themself applying late in the process for Financial Aid.  Hopefully the tips below will help you better manage your applications for financial assistance.  We’ve organized the tips into a Question and Answer (Q&A) format for ease of reference.

Question: I’m admitted to a master program at IE however it starts soon and I’m worried it’s too late to apply for aid, what should I do?

Answer: It is preferable to apply well in advance of the start date of the program intake, and as soon as you have definitive admissions to an IE program.  However the Scholarship Committee does review applications throughout the year, and the waiting period for a decision is 2-6 weeks.  If you need financial assistance and have a great profile, then apply.

Question: I’m planning on starting the International MBA in November however it’s very late in the process and I’m concerned about not being awarded aid because I wasn’t able to apply earlier, what should I do?

Answer: If you really do need financial assistance and have a great profile, then apply; we’ll do our best to help.  However, resources are limited so it may be smarter to take another approach: think about moving to the following April intake.  Why?  Well, simply put, by moving to the April intake (5 additional months of professional experience and savings time…) you’ll convert yourself into one of the “first to apply” for assistance instead of being one of the “last to apply”.

Question: How does the Scholarship Committee decide to award scholarships and fellowships to?

Answer: The Scholarship Committee evaluates much the same characteristics taken into account during the Admissions process, with a special eye to helping the most well-rounded cases who have demonstrated financial need.  A well-rounded profile would be one that has excellent past academic results and/or professional track record, someone who brings something unique/diverse to the classroom (uncommon nationality, special expertise, valuable knowledge, experience as a successful entrepreneur, etc) and someone who has done well on the IE Admissions Test or other standard admissions test accepted by IE.


You’ve gained admissions to an IE undergraduate or master program, congratulations!  But something has now come up and you’re debating whether or not to transfer to a forward intake.  If you’ve applied for Financial Aid and been awarded a scholarship, fellowship or loan, please keep the following in mind:

1) Financial Aid awards and loans are not transferrable between intakes.  If you change intakes, all awards and/or loans are cancelled, and the student must beging the entire application process again.  This policy is clearly indicated in all scholarship resolutions sent to students.

2) The reason this policy is strictly maintained is that scholarship and fellowship budgets are set per program, academic year and intake, and our objective is to maximize the benefit of a limited resource.  If you cannot come to the intake you applied for, we reassign the assistance you were awarded to another needing and deserving student.   If you decide to come to a future intake, your new application(s) will be considered in the future, and taking into account the new pool of applicants.

3) Loans are cancelled because you must be a registered student of IE and a resident in Spain (at the point of signing) to accept the financing offer.  Should you decide to change intakes, we are obligated to cancel your approved loan and you must complete the application process from the start, at a future date.

Please keep the above in mind when you are both applying for Financial Aid, and when considering changing to a forward intake.  Working through the Financial Aid process takes a lot of time and requires a lot of effort from all parties involved.  If  you were awarded aid, it would be a shame to lose it.


Programa de Becas IE dirigidas a alumnos que para el curso académico 2010 – 2011 tengan previsto renovar su matrícula en 2º y sucesivos cursos de Bachelors, Licenciaturas, Arquitectura, Ingeniería, Titulaciones Técnicas y Diplomaturas en IE University.  Deben cumplimentar el formulario de solicitud publicado en IE Campus (Oficina del alumno > apartado de becas o descargarlo aquí) y remitirla a  

 Fechas límites:
• Alumnos de Bachelor: Periodo de matrícula, hasta el 15 de julio de 2010.
• Alumnos del resto de titulaciones: Periodo de matrícula de junio a octubre de 2010.


Bachelor Student, awarded a scholarship in year 1, and wondering how to apply for a scholarship renewal?  Read on… 

IE Scholarship programs directed to students who, for the 2010 – 2011 academic year, will be registering for their 2nd or subsequent years in Bachelor degrees, Engineering degrees, or Technical Diplomas at IE University. All students should fill out the financial aid application form published on IE Campus (Student Office > Scholarships or download it here) and send it by email to 

• Bachelor Degree candidates: Enrolment period, until 15 July, 2010
• All other undergraduate-level programs: Enrolment period, from June to October 2010


Please keep in mind that to apply for the OAS Scholarships for undergradute programs at IE University, students must complete the admissions process all students go through and meet the Spanish requirements for accessing undergraduate programs.

If you have doubts about how to apply for a Bachelor program at IE University or the access requirements, contact our admissions team at the University and one of our specialists will guide you through the process. The general email address is:

Remember: admissions to a qualifying IE Undergraduate program is necessary for the awarding of an OAS scholarship, learn more about the access requirements here (or in Spanish here).

Good luck!!


Desde hoy los interesados en las becas de la Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa (SIP) pueden ir a la web de Financial Aid ( para informarse sobre las opciones y la oferta de esta primera convocatoria. 

As of today those interested in the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) Scholarships can find all the information necessary on the Financial Aid web site (  The scholarships will support candidates who wish to study communications at the IE School of Communication.

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