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Una fecha importante a anotar para todos los candidatos de América Latina que esperan conseguir una beca de la Fundación Carolina para cursar un programa máster de IE:

FECHA LÍMITE para solicitar la beca a través de la web de Fundación Carolina es el 3 de marzo de 2010 (ver la web de fundación Carolina aquí).

Para ganar una beca de la Fundación Carolina, el alumno debe solicitar primero la beca con la Fundación Carolina antes de la fecha límite (03 de marzo de 2010), y luego disponer de admisión definitiva a IE antes del 06 de abril de 2010. En abril de 2010 el Comité de Selección de Becas se reunirá para elegir a los ganadores de la convocatoria de becas del 2010-2011.

Aquellos candidatos que hayan solicitado la beca dentro de plazo (antes del 3 de marzo de 2010) y sean preseleccionados tendrán que realizar una entrevista con la Fundación Carolina. Dichas entrevistas tendrán lugar en el mes de marzo.

Los candidatos que superen con éxito la entrevista con la Fundación Carolina y hayan obtenido una admisión definitiva para cursar alguno de los programas de IE serán oficialmente seleccionados por el Comité de Selección en Abril 2010. La decisión final será comunicada en mayo/junio de 2010.

Agenda de Sesiones Informativas IE:

1) International MBA: Fundación Carolina
     – Martes, 16 de Febrero de 2010
     – 18h00 CET (hora local de Madrid)
     – Participar: inscribirse a través de la web de IE en

2) Becas Fundación Carolina y Másteres Júridicos (MAJ y MILP)
    – Lunes, 01 de Marzo de 2010
    – 18h00 CET (hora local de Madrid)
    – Participar: inscribirse a través de la web de IE en

3) Becas Fundación Carolina y los Master in International Management
   – Miercoles, 17 de Febrero de 2010, 18h00 CET (hora local de Madrid)
   – Viernes, 5 de Marzo de 2010, 18h00 CET (hora local de Madrid)
   – Participar: inscribirse a través de la web de IE en


La fecha límite para solicitar una de estas becas ya ha pasado.  Suerte a las solicitantes que han entregado sus solicitudes a tiempo!

Puedes ver la información en la web de la Comunidad de Madrid para consultar todos los detalles, haz click aquí.  Solo hay 15 días laborales para aplicar!  La fecha límite es el 09 de diciembre.

Programa liderA Becas: Programas máster de IE y Becas de esta convocatoria

  1. Executive MBA – 16 plazas (VIDEO)
  2. MBA Part-Time – 10 plazas
  3. Executive MBA Online – 5 plazas (VIDEO)
  4. Advanced Management Program – 5 plazas (VIDEO)
  5. Executive Master en Dirección Financiera – 10 plazas (VIDEO)

Haz tu solicitud ya!

  • Aplica para tu programa máster en IE aquí.
  • Descarga el folleto de la convocatoria de becas aquí.
  • Descarga el Boletín Oficial de la Comunidad de Madrid – BOCM (Núm 278) que explica la convocatoria en detalle aquí.
  • Ve el video de Dr. Celia de Anca, Directora del Centro de Diversidad del IE Business School, aquí.

Los datos de contacto de la Dirección de la Mujer son:

  • Comunidad de Madrid: Dirección General de la Mujer
  • Ubicación: C/ Alcalá, 253, 3ª Planta
  • Teléfono: 012 / 91 720 6217

Please note that the upcoming Virtual Sessions for IE University Financial Aid are as follows.  To register, please email your full name, program of interest, intake of interest, nationality and preferred language of correspondence (English or Spanish) to

5 November 2009:

  1. English 18h00 CET
  2. Spanish 19h00 CET

3 December 2009:

  1. English 18h00 CET
  2. Spanish 19h00 CET

28 January 2010:

  1. English 18h00 CET
  2. Spanish 19h00 CET

25 february 2010:

  1. English 18h00 CET
  2. Spanish 19h00 CET

Please note the following deadlines for the scholarship applications, for undergraduate programs at IE University, for the 2010-2011 academic year:

Round 1: December 15
Round 2: March 15
Round 3: May 15
Round 4: July 15

If you are an international candidate, it is especially recommended that you apply early as the sooner you know the result of your scholarship application, the sooner you can get your student visa process underway.

Good luck with you applications.


Below are the answers to April’s most pressing and frequently asked questions.

Question 01: Should I send my documents by email or post?

Answer 01: By email scanning all necessary documents, please ensure they are legible.  Sending documentation this way reduces unnessary use of paper, and eliminates shipping costs for the applicant.

Question 02: Can I apply for scholarships that come up when I use the Search Engine without entering my program and country?

Answer 02: You should use the search tool on the Financial Aid web page to make sure you are applying for the right scholarships (if you apply for a scholarship that your program of study doesn’t qualify, you will automatically be denied the application).  If you would like to apply for a featured scholarship (one of the scholarships that is displayed when you first get to the scholarship web page), be sure your program qualifies.

Question 03: How many scholarships and fellowships can I apply for?

Answer 03: You can apply for up to a maximum of 3 scholarships and 1 fellowship (please keep in mind that generally fellowships only are available for full-time programs).

 Question 04: Which category covers Russia and India?

Answer 04: Russia is included in the Europe category, India in the Asia Pacific category.

Question 05: When will I know the decision regarding my financial aid application?

Answer 05: Typically within 2 to 4 weeks, as our Financial Aid processes support our Rolling Admissions process.

Question 06: Can I apply for scholarships and loans at the same time?

Answer 06: Scholarships and IE Fellow applications will only be considered once you have definitive admissions to a program at IE.  You can apply for a loan before actually starting your program, however definitive admissions is a prerequisite for loan awards, and once a loan is awarded, you must sign your loan agreement within 3 months of the approval date.  So, be sure you don’t have to travel to Madrid twice: apply so that you can sign when you arrive to Madrid to start your program.

Question 07: Is there a list of available Fellowship projects I can apply to directly?

Answer 07: No.  Currently we custom-match students approved for a fellowship within different departments at IE.  We’re working on making a list available, but this is not a change that is likely to take place before late 2009, early 2010.

Question 08: When can I apply for a loan?

Answer 08: Our recommendation is applying for a Caja Madrid loan once you have definitive admissions, and within 3-4 months before you actually start your program.  Please keep in mind that it is possible that your loan application will be denied, even though you have admissions to a program at IE, therefore it’s probably wise to see the Caja Madrid option as your back-up plan.

Question 09: What is the grace period for loans from Caja Madrid?  Do I have to make loan payments during the grace period/while I´m studying?

Answer 09: While students studying full-time may be granted up to 18 months in grace period, all students who take out a loan with Caja Madrid begin paying a loan from day 1: during the grace period only interest payments are made, and then at the end of the grace period both interest and principle payments begin.  Please note that part-time, blended format and executive programs all start paying both interest and principle from day 1 – a policy based on the fact that if you are studying with IE and working at the same time, then starting to pay back your loan right away is a good way to reduce your debt load as quickly as possible.

Question 10: Can you send me the loan contract so I can sign it in my home country, instead of having to come to Madrid to sign it?

Answer 10: No.  Loans must always be signed in front of a Notary here in Madrid, this is not a negotiable term of the IE – Caja Madrid loan program.


Financial Aid Web Page

Written on April 3, 2009 by Joël McConnell in Scholarship Process | Proceso de Becas

We’re working on the most recent edition of the Financial Aid web page so you may run into some technical/navigation issues.  We want to thank you for your patience, and we encourage you to let us know if you come across any technical issues you think we might need to fix at

If you are applying for Financial Aid for academic 2009-2010 (all intakes that start as of September 2009), then we encourage you to check back soon with regards to applying for specific Financial Aid programs.


While the application deadline has no closed for applying for a Fundación Carolina Scholarship, those who have applied need to make sure they have definitive admissions from IE for their chosen master program by 20 March.  Under certain exceptional circumstances we some applicants will be considered should they possess definitive admissions before April 01.  Applying for a Fundación Carolina Scholarship is a two-step process where the applicant must first apply for a scholarship to the Fundación Carolina, and then as a 2nd seperate step, the student must apply to and gain admissions to IE Business School or IE Law School.  This year the scholarship recipients for the 2009-2010 academic year will be notified in May and June of 2009.

To learn more about the Fundación Carolina, navigate to:


Las becas “Turismo de España” 2009 están destinadas a profesionales del turismo, españoles y extranjeros, que desean ampliar sus conocimientos en este área cursando un programa de postgrado como el Executive Master en Dirección de Empresas Turísticas ( ).

Cada beca tiene una cuantía de 20.000€ y es otorgada por el Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio de España. Los beneficiarios de la misma reciben, adicionalmente y de forma automática, una beca complementaria otorgada por la Fundación IE. Ambas becas permiten cubrir el 80% del importe total del master.

Para más información puede consultar la página web:  

The Tourism Spain 2009 Scholarships are intended to support leading professionals from the tourism sector who wish to follow a master such as the Executive Master en Dirección de Empresas Turísticas ( offered at IE Business School.  While the program is in Spanish, the scholarships are open to all nationalities.

Each scholarship has a value of 20.000€ and is awarded by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce of Spain.  The recipients of this scholarship will also receive a combined scholarship from IE, which together with the Ministry’s scholarship, means that interested candidates will only have to meet the remaining 20% of program fees, as the combined the scholarships cover 80% of tuition fees.

To learn more about the scholarships please see IE’s “Tourism and Leasure” blog by clicking on the link:

The Spain Tourism Scholarships 2009 are awarded by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce (Government of Spain). 


No has podido participar en la sesión informativa virtual sobre las becas Fundación Carolina para programas de derecho de IE Law School?  Puedes ver la grabación haciendo click en el siguiente enlace:


See the recording of the virtual information session for Fundación Carolina applicants interested in following a law program at IE Law School, see the below link:


Scholarship Process: How to Apply

Written on March 3, 2009 by Joël McConnell in Scholarship Process | Proceso de Becas

As an interested candidate for an IE undergraduate or graduate program, you may be thinking of applying for a scholarship to help fund your program.  Below is an overview of how to apply for scholarships provided by the IE Foundation.  For external organization scholarships, you will need to consult the organization directly, and work through the scholarship process with them.  You will always know whether a scholarship is an IE Foundation scholarship by looking to the top right hand side of any scholarship listing; if it says Sponsor > Fundación IE, then you send your application to

Important Notice: Read This Before Applying for an IE Foundation Scholarship

Please note some basic requirements for applying for IE Foundation scholarships:

  1. All documentation must be sent in electronic format.  We do not accept paper applications.
  2. We require documents that show proof of financial situation because we need to better understand your economic profile, vis-à-vis other candidates.
  3. Students can only apply once for a scholarship, and no more than three different scholarships in total.  Scholarship Committee decisions are final.
  4. Students, in addition to applying for up to three scholarships, can also apply for a Fellowship.,  IE Fellowships are considered a seperate form of Financial Aid, with reference to scholarships offered by the IE Foundation. See IE Fellows Program | Programa IE Fellows for how to apply for an IE Fellowship.
  5. Students must have obtained admissions to IE before applying for a scholarship, and scholarships applications should only be sent when all documentation is ready for Scholarship Committee approval.

The Scholarship Process: From Applying to Being Notified of the Results

The basic process of how to apply is:

  1. Review the Financial Aid web page and decide which scholarships you are most qualified for. 
  2. Review the individual requirements for the scholarships (up to a maximum of 3) you wish to apply for, and collect/prepare all the required documents – which includes your letter of admissions to an IE program.
  3. Decide if you might qualify for an IE Fellowship, and collect all the required documentation if you decide to also apply for this Financial Aid program.
  4. Send all documents to
  5. Wait to hear back from Financial Aid Office: we will confirm receipt of your applications in 2-5 business days.

Once we receive your complete application, the Scholarship Committee will review your application, and based on your individual merits and the quality and quantity of overall applications, a decision will be made on your application.

Because IE applies a rolling admissions process for our graduate programs, graduate student applications will usually be processed in 2 to 6 weeks, from the time the complete application is received.

For undergraduate programs, there are three key dates to note for the coming 2009-2010 academic year:

  1. First selection round: April 15, 2009
  2. Second selection round: June 15, 2009
  3. Third selection round: July 15, 2009

Undergraduate candidates should ensure that their complete applications have been received at least 10 business days before any given selection round deadline.

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