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You’ve gained admissions to an IE undergraduate or master program, congratulations!  But something has now come up and you’re debating whether or not to transfer to a forward intake.  If you’ve applied for Financial Aid and been awarded a scholarship, fellowship or loan, please keep the following in mind:

1) Financial Aid awards and loans are not transferrable between intakes.  If you change intakes, all awards and/or loans are cancelled, and the student must beging the entire application process again.  This policy is clearly indicated in all scholarship resolutions sent to students.

2) The reason this policy is strictly maintained is that scholarship and fellowship budgets are set per program, academic year and intake, and our objective is to maximize the benefit of a limited resource.  If you cannot come to the intake you applied for, we reassign the assistance you were awarded to another needing and deserving student.   If you decide to come to a future intake, your new application(s) will be considered in the future, and taking into account the new pool of applicants.

3) Loans are cancelled because you must be a registered student of IE and a resident in Spain (at the point of signing) to accept the financing offer.  Should you decide to change intakes, we are obligated to cancel your approved loan and you must complete the application process from the start, at a future date.

Please keep the above in mind when you are both applying for Financial Aid, and when considering changing to a forward intake.  Working through the Financial Aid process takes a lot of time and requires a lot of effort from all parties involved.  If  you were awarded aid, it would be a shame to lose it.


La Fundación PwC y IE están ahora trabajando juntos para apoyar a aquellos profesionales del sector público que quieran cursar un máster en gestión pública, a través de un programa de becas y fellowships. Los solicitantes deben disponer de admisión definitiva al programa Executive Máster en Gestión Pública de IE Business School y estar actualmente trabajando en el sector publico en España o América Latina. Los becados de este programa de ayudas podrán disfrutar de acceso especial al Centro del Sector Público PwC – IE.

Dos programas de ayudas:

1) Beca Fundación PwC para Directivos del Sector Público: para profesionales del Sector Público en España. Para aplicar, descargar el documento que explica la documentación a presentar.  Ayudas: hasta 5 con un valor individual máximo de 10.000€.

2) Fundación PwC Fellowships para Profesionales del Sector Público Latinoamericano: para profesionales del Sector Público en Latinoamérica. Para aplicar, descargar el documento que explica la documentación a presentar.  Ayudas: hasta 3 con un valor individual máximo de 12.000€.


IE and Golden Key International Honor Society are now working together to support high potential candidates for master programs offered at 7 Schools. Golden Key graduates come from diverse academic backgrounds, however all have achieved academic excellence during their undergraduate studies. These scholarships are only available to current and alumni members of Golden Key.

Qualifying programs: Master in International Management, Master in Finance, Master in Corporate Communications, Master in Organizational Leadership, Master in Architectural Management and Design, Master in Economic and Business Journalism and Master in Global and Environmental Change.

Awards: 3 scholarships of 6.000€ each towards an IE master program.

For more informatio on how to apply, please see the Financial Aid web site at


Recientemente salió una noticia en la página web “Alto Nivel” donde se detallaba 10 opciones/vías de financiación para mexicanos que quieren cursar su master fuera de México.  Muchas de las opciones podrían aplicar para un futuro alumno de IE… 

Ver la noticia aquí y contactar con nuestra oficina en DF para el apoyo local con el proceso de admisiones


Programa de Becas IE dirigidas a alumnos que para el curso académico 2010 – 2011 tengan previsto renovar su matrícula en 2º y sucesivos cursos de Bachelors, Licenciaturas, Arquitectura, Ingeniería, Titulaciones Técnicas y Diplomaturas en IE University.  Deben cumplimentar el formulario de solicitud publicado en IE Campus (Oficina del alumno > apartado de becas o descargarlo aquí) y remitirla a  

 Fechas límites:
• Alumnos de Bachelor: Periodo de matrícula, hasta el 15 de julio de 2010.
• Alumnos del resto de titulaciones: Periodo de matrícula de junio a octubre de 2010.


Bachelor Student, awarded a scholarship in year 1, and wondering how to apply for a scholarship renewal?  Read on… 

IE Scholarship programs directed to students who, for the 2010 – 2011 academic year, will be registering for their 2nd or subsequent years in Bachelor degrees, Engineering degrees, or Technical Diplomas at IE University. All students should fill out the financial aid application form published on IE Campus (Student Office > Scholarships or download it here) and send it by email to 

• Bachelor Degree candidates: Enrolment period, until 15 July, 2010
• All other undergraduate-level programs: Enrolment period, from June to October 2010


Thanks to the collaboration of 85 Broads and the IE Foundation, 3 candidates for IE programs will be awarded up to 20.000€ in scholarships in the current academic year. The scholarships are as follows: 1 scholarship of 10.000€ towards a female MBA student, 1 scholarship of 5.000€ towards a master offered by one of IE’s School of Communication, School of Architecture, School of Biology, School of Arts and Humanities or School of Psychology; and 1 scholarship of 5.000€ towards IE Business School’s Advanced Management Program (AMP) Blended. To apply, see the attached document here (or in Spanish here).


We’ve just launched a new award program for students bringing their spouses/partners and/or families with them to Madrid while they are completing full-time studies. The key details are below, see the Financial Aid web site for more infromation on how to apply...

The Family Support Grants are meant to help two types of students:

1) Admitted students who are coming to IE for full-time master study, and who will be bringing their spouse and/or family with them.
2) Spouses of current and admitted students who decide to also do a master program at IE, while their spouse is completing their program.

Admitted students bringing their family.  If you are an admitted student who will be bringing your family with you to Madrid while you are studying at IE on a full-time basis, then we may be able to help with the financial burden. While funds are limited, the IE Foundation has made a set amount of awards available to support students coming to Madrid for study, who will be bringing their spouse and/or children.

Spouses of current and admitted students. While you may not have children yet, every year many students bring their spouses to Madrid with them when studying a full-time master program. Given that spouses generally can’t work, the IE Foundation has also set aside funds to provide financial support for those spouses of current students who decide they too want to study a program at IE.

Requirements: Definitive Admission to an IE master program and official documentation showing you will be bringing your spouse and/or family with you. Additional documentation may be requested.

Value: From 20%-50% of tuition fees, applied directly to the pending tuition due for the student or spouse studying at IE.


La Fundación IE está colaborando con la ABC para apoyar a los candidatos con un perfil académico de excelencia y que también destacan en el ámbito deportivo. Gracias a los fondos de la Fundación, aquellos candidatos que quieran cursar su grado en IE University podrán acceder a las becas creadas para los miembros de la ABC.

Ver la web de Financial Aid ( para más información acerca de las becas de la Asociación de Baloncesto Colegial.


Desde hoy los interesados en las becas de la Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa (SIP) pueden ir a la web de Financial Aid ( para informarse sobre las opciones y la oferta de esta primera convocatoria. 

As of today those interested in the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) Scholarships can find all the information necessary on the Financial Aid web site (  The scholarships will support candidates who wish to study communications at the IE School of Communication.

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