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New Scholarship Announcement for IE University…

The Queen Rania Undergradute Scholarships for Young Women, sponsored by the IE Foundation, comprises a maximum of 5 scholarships awarded on an annual basis to Jordanian women interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree at IE University. As long as the student maintains the required grade points average and meets IE University academic and ethical standards in full, the scholarship will be maintained for the entirety of the program.

 Program: Up to 5 scholarships of 50% of tuition fees each, for Jordanian women admitted to a bachelor program at IE University.

Eligibility Criteria: These scholarships are aimed at Jordanian women with outstanding future potential, and who fulfill the following criteria:

1. Admitted to an undergraduate program applicable for this scholarship
2. Proven leadership skills
3. Demonstrated potential for future leadership

See the Financial Aid web page for more information on how to apply for these scholarships.


25 EuropeanPWN Memberships Available for IE Students!

Written on May 13, 2009 by Joël McConnell in Scholarships | Becas

Are you interested in becoming a member of Europe’s leading women’s network, for free?  As part of a recent scholarship agreement we’ve signed with the EuropeaPWN, we now have 25 memberships to assign to top Women+International MBA students currently studying at IE Business School.  If you are interested, please contact the Financial Aid Officer at  Below is one example of the type of event hosted by the EuropeanPWN, and people you will be able to meet through your membership…

Location: Warner Brothers Headquarters (Madrid)


Pilar Zulueta, SVP GM Warner Brothers Consumer Products Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Mark Fritz, an expert in Virtual Leadership -Leading People at a Distance share skills, values and time management techniques on how to manage remote teams across countries, time zones and languages. 

Pilar joined Warner Bros in 1997 as GM Iberia and now is the GM for consumer products for Warner Bros across 14 countries.  This includes new properties, negotiated licensing agreement and implementing global strategies for all WB brands including Harry Potter, Batman, Looney Tunes and European soccer, etc. She was previously a GM with an RJ Reynolds division.  She has an MBA from IE and a Doctorate in Bio Chemistry and Molecular biology.

Mark has more than 20 years experience working in Egypt, Ialy, Japan, The Netherlands, Singapore, UK, USA and running operations for a multinational organization.  He is an engaging speaker and visiting professor at IE and other Inernational Business Schools and coaches leaders on Virtual Team Management.


As part of both organizations’ continued commitment to developing professionals in the Americas, IE and the OAS have recently renewed an agreement that brings top students to Madrid to complete IE’s Master in International Relations degree.  See the recent article in América Economía:


Odette Carey recently joined IE Business School’s Master in International Management program (April 2009 intake), and was able to do so thanks to a partnership between IE Business School and the Organization of American States whereby both organizations invest in top candidates coming from the Americas, who post-program will return to their countries to contribute to activities there.  Here’s what Odette had to say about coming to IE: 

“My name is Odette Carey, and I’m from The Bahamas.  Before coming to Madrid for studies, I worked for three years as a Sales and Marketing Manager at one of the largest and most fascinating resorts in the world: Atlantis Resort & Casino.  In my capacity as Manager at Atlantis, I contributed to many successful promotional campaigns and sales driven strategies to sustain my job, and many others during this tough economic crisis.  

As tourism is one of the most important industries in The Bahamas, I’ve been privileged to have worked in a sector that for the most part has been stable – and not to mention very exciting – which is why I feel the need to protect and sustain it.  Being offered this great opportunity from IE and the Organization of American States (OAS) to attend IE in the Masters in International Management program allows me to gain the exposure and knowledge I need to become an effective leader, creating the necessary change to lead the tourism sector in The Bahamas. 

My goal after completing the Masters in International Management program is to use the international exposure gained and the professional network I am building now at IE, to inject new ideas and expand new product offerings within my country.  This award from the OAS and the IE Foundation will provide me with all the necessary tools to make this happen, for which I am very appreciative. ”

Learn more about the IE – Organization of American States scholarship program and other Financial Aid options at


Recently we’ve been disappointed as a few cases have arisen where students have not met their financial obligations in a timely manner. This is especially concerning when the student has been granted financial support through the IE Foundation. We understand it’s a tough economic environment we’re all facing, however this does not mean financial responsibilities should be left unattended.  We’re troubled by these few cases because it communicates a lack of commitment to the program, and a lack of personal commitment to maintaining the ethical standards expected of candidates who will be graduating with degrees from IE.

As a recipient of aid granted by the IE Foundation, please think about the following: given your lack of personal financial resources, IE has invested in you because we believe that you have the potential to be a successful ambassador for IE in the coming future.  IE believes in your future potential.  Think about the implications for the professional network you’ll be coming to IE to build and the IE representative you would like to be, especially considering the investment IE is making in you.

Think about the big picture and be realistic about your ability to meet financial commitments: if even counting with the benefit of having a scholarship or fellowship you don’t think you will be able to meet your tuition and living expenses, then we recommend you delay your entry into the program until you have secured the necessary resources.  When you are admitted to IE, we give you the right to enter your program of admissions for up to 3 intakes after having received the admissions offer, so take the time to make sure you have all your resources in place.  Coming to IE is an important investment in time, energy and financial resources, but it’s an investment that all students make when they come to study at one of Europe’s leading institutions of higher learning.

In closing, please keep in mind: It’s not a coincidence that most scholarships require an essay that outlines how the applicant sees the responsibilities of being a scholarship recipient: those who receive scholarships and fellowships should see the awards as part of a commitment by IE to developing the individual as a future professional, and as one more reason to ensure they meet their professional responsibilities during the program and beyond IE.


Las becas “Turismo de España” 2009 están destinadas a profesionales del turismo, españoles y extranjeros, que desean ampliar sus conocimientos en este área cursando un programa de postgrado como el Executive Master en Dirección de Empresas Turísticas ( ).

Cada beca tiene una cuantía de 20.000€ y es otorgada por el Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio de España. Los beneficiarios de la misma reciben, adicionalmente y de forma automática, una beca complementaria otorgada por la Fundación IE. Ambas becas permiten cubrir el 80% del importe total del master.

Para más información puede consultar la página web:  

The Tourism Spain 2009 Scholarships are intended to support leading professionals from the tourism sector who wish to follow a master such as the Executive Master en Dirección de Empresas Turísticas ( offered at IE Business School.  While the program is in Spanish, the scholarships are open to all nationalities.

Each scholarship has a value of 20.000€ and is awarded by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce of Spain.  The recipients of this scholarship will also receive a combined scholarship from IE, which together with the Ministry’s scholarship, means that interested candidates will only have to meet the remaining 20% of program fees, as the combined the scholarships cover 80% of tuition fees.

To learn more about the scholarships please see IE’s “Tourism and Leasure” blog by clicking on the link:

The Spain Tourism Scholarships 2009 are awarded by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce (Government of Spain). 


Scholarship Application Limits

Written on March 5, 2009 by Joël McConnell in Scholarships | Becas

Please note that we only accept a maximum of 3 scholarship applications from any one candidate, and that since students are only able to have 1 scholarship awarded by the IE Foundation, if you are awarded a scholarship, the other scholarships you applied for are automatically denied.  We only communicate denials however, in the case you have received no scholarship.

Scholarship Committee decisions are final and non-contestable, and we do not accept requests for scholarship reconsiderations or increases.  Much effort is put into ensuring 360º feedback is collected for each scholarship candidate, so when a decion is taken, it is final.

Scholarships cannot be transferred to other intakes, so please be sure you clearly indicate for which intake and program you wish to request a scholarship for.

Please note that Fellowships are considered seperate, so in addition to applying for up to a maximum of 3 scholarships, you may also apply for an IE Fellowship.  See IE Fellows Program | Programa IE Fellows  for more information.


Notable Scholarship Programs

Written on March 2, 2009 by Joël McConnell in Scholarships | Becas

While the IE Foundation makes many targeted scholarship programs available to high quality candidates coming to IE, many leading organizations also provide support to top quality candidates coming to IE.  Below is a listing of some of the scholarships offered by these organizations.

  • Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) Scholarships (Program for German nationals)
  • Queen Rania Scholarships for Women Business Leaders (Program for Jordanian women)
  • Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (MBR Foundation) Fellows (Program for Arab candidates)
  • SEGIB Accelerate Latin America Scholarships (Candidates coming from a SEGIB member country)
  • Europe Korea Foundation (EKF) Scholarship (Program for Korean nationals)
  • Fundación Carolina Scholarships (Program for Latin American candidates)
  • General Sir John Monash Foundation Awards (Program for Australian nationals)
  • GuateFuturo Loan-Scholarships (Program for Guatemalan nationals)
  • QS World MBA Tour Scholarships for Women (Program for Women)
  • José María Cervelló Scholarships (Program for law graduates)
  • Organization of American States (OAS) Scholarships (Program for International Management and International Relations candidates)
  • Peter and Alice von Loesecke Scholarships (Program for MBA candidates)
  • Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowships (Program for canidates coming from Hong Kong)
  • TAN KAH KEE Post Graduate Scholarship (Program for Singaporean candidates)
  • The Macquarie Group Graduate Management Scholarship (Program for Australian and New Zealand candidates)
  • ALSA Scholarships (Program for Chinese candidates)
  • Ambassadorial (Rotary Club) Scholarships (Program for MBA candidates)
  • Dr. Laszlo Kapolyi Memorial Fellowship (Program for Cetnral and Eastern European candidates)
  • Eduarda Justo Scholarships (Program for candidates coming from the Spanish region of Almería)
  • Fulbright Scholarships (Program for candidates coming from the United States)
  • Instituto Ling – AVANCE (Program for Brazilian candidates)
  • Lidera Scholarships (Program for women candidates from Madrid)
  • Mackenzie King Open Scholarship (Program for Canadian candidates)
  • Misys Charitable Foundation Scholarship (Program for British candidates)
  • The Hedorf Foundation (Program for Danish candidates)


Written on March 2, 2009 by Joël McConnell in Scholarships | Becas

To apply for a scholarship, candidates must have begun the admission process for an IE Business School program, and scholarships will only be awarded to candidates admitted to a master program. Also, the Scholarship Committee will grant a maximum of one scholarship per applicant, and applicants can only apply for up to three different scholarships.

IE Foundation Scholarships

The Instituto de Empresa (IE) Foundation facilitates access to education provided by IE Business School to students with extraordinary merits and proven economic need for said scholarship. There are several types of scholarships, each with specific characteristics and application deadlines.

Additionally IE Business School awards scholarships to students admitted to a master program through agreements with various institutions. The management and definition of the process and selection criteria is made by each respective institution and the conditions of these agreements may vary over time.

Outside Organization Scholarships

In addition to Instituto de Empresa (IE) Foundation scholarships and agreements, there are other scholarship opportunities for postgraduate studies. On our website you will find a selection of public Institutions, transnational organizations, foundations or other private institutions whose aim is to promote and support management education.

All applications for scholarships sponsored by the IE Foundation should be submitted through the following email address:, while outside organization scholarships should be submitted directly to the sponsoring organization.

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