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Becas Fundación Carolina: Fecha límite y sesiones informativas.

Written on February 17, 2011 by Joël McConnell in Uncategorized

Una fecha importante a anotar para todos los candidatos de América Latina que esperan conseguir una beca de la Fundación Carolina para cursar un programa máster de IE:

FECHA LÍMITE para solicitar la beca a través de la web de Fundación Carolina es el 6 de marzo de 2011 (ver la web de fundación Carolina aquí).

Para ganar una beca de la Fundación Carolina, el alumno debe solicitar primero la beca con la Fundación Carolina antes de la fecha límite (06 de marzo de 2011), y luego disponer de admisión definitiva a IE antes del 05 de abril de 2011. En abril de 2011 el Comité de Selección de Becas se reunirá para elegir a los ganadores de la convocatoria de becas del 2011-2012.

Aquellos candidatos que hayan solicitado la beca dentro de plazo (antes del 06 de marzo de 2011) y sean preseleccionados tendrán que realizar una entrevista con la Fundación Carolina. Dichas entrevistas tendrán lugar en los meses de abril y mayo de 2011.

Los candidatos que superen con éxito la entrevista con la Fundación Carolina y hayan obtenido una admisión definitiva para cursar alguno de los programas de IE serán oficialmente seleccionados por el Comité de Selección en Abril 2011. La decisión final será comunicada en mayo/junio de 2011.

Agenda de Sesiones Informativas IE:

1) International MBA: El programa y las becas Fundación Carolina
– 01 de marzo a las 18h00 (hora central europea – CET)
– Participar: inscribirse a través de la web de IE en

2) Becas Fundación Carolina y Másteres Júridicos (MAJ y MILP)
– 10 de marzo a las 17h00 (hora central europea – CET)
– Participar: inscribirse a través de la web de IE en

3) Becas Fundación Carolina y el Master in International Management
– 24 de marzo a las 17h00 (hora central europea – CET)
– Participar: inscribirse a través de la web de IE en

4) Becas Fundación Carolina y el Master in Corporate Communications
– 10 de marzo a las 17h00 (hora central europea – CET)
– 17 de marzo a las 17h00 (hora central europea – CET)
– Participar: inscribirse a través de la web de IE en

5) Becas Fundación Carolina y el Master in International Relations
– 14 de marzo a las 17h00 (hora central europea – CET)
– Participar: inscribirse a través de la web de IE en


IE was recently featured in an article along with other top schools such as ESMT, University of Melbourne and INSEAD regarding supporting diversity and the availability of scholarships.

See the article here, and then check out the Financial Aid web site for the various options available to candidates who have obtained admissions and that bring diversity to the classroom at IE.  This blog also contains additional information about the various Financial Aid options for admitted IE degree candidates, so do take some time to check out the content here as well.

More information on City A.M. at


Information for US Students: Sallie Mae and Place Reservations.

Written on January 11, 2011 by Joël McConnell in Uncategorized

Just a quick clarification for our students coming from the US and who plan to fund their program partially or entirely with a Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan: Sallie Mae loans cannot be used to pay Place Reservation and/or IE Foundation fees.  Below is more information on this policy and our recommended alternative course of action.

Why can’t I pay my Place Reservation and IE Foundation contribution with my Sallie Mae loan?

IE has a strict policy of not returning Place Reservation or IE Foundation fees if a student ends up not joining the intake for which they have committed to.  This policy is based in the fact that when a student makes their place reservation and IE Foundation payments, IE issues legal documentation which is valid for student visa processing purposes.  Also, when a student commits to a given intake, necessarily the spot cannot be given to another deserving candidate and it’s not fair to other candidates if a confirmed candidate pulls out of the program.

While we have the Place Reservation and IE Foundation policy clearly in place, we also must abide by regulations and laws applicable to a partnerships, such as the one we have with Sallie Mae.  Since our agreement with Sallie Mae is such that we return funds to the financial institution if the student does not attend the program, Sallie Mae loans cannot be used to pay Place Reservation and IE Foudnation fees given our policy of not refunding these payments, for the reasons stated above.

What should I do then, with regards to guaranteeing my place in my chosen intake?

What our students do is usually to use personal savings, company support or some other financial backing to bridge the short term financial need.  So for example, a student may borrow the amount equal to the Place Reservation and IE Foundaiton fee from their personal savings or line of credit, a family member or even their company, and then later once they’ve begun their program and the Sallie Mae funds have arrived to IE, any funds over and above those required to pay their tuition fees in full is sent directly to the student to manage as they see fit.  The excess funds can be used to repay the savings account or other source of funds used to pay the Place Reservation and IE Foundation fee.  Again, keep in mind, the Place Reservation and IE Foundation fee is non-refundable.

Final point worth keeping in mind: single disbursements, tuition fees must be paid in full first.

IE’s master programs generally follow the 1-year model most common in the EU, and as students generally take out a Sallie Mae loan for both tuition and living expenses, IE has a strict policy of receiving the funds in 1 single disbursement.  Why?  Simply, this way you take care of your tuition pending up front, and then we can send you the balance of funds to meet your living expenses and other needs.  We do not release any funds to students until they’ve paid their tuition fees in full.  One of our roles as a Sallie Mae partner institution is to ensure students are being financially responsible, and this policy ensures students don’t inadvertantly find themselves in a difficult financial situation that could result in the student having to withdraw from the program before they obtain their degree.


Salio recientemente un articulo de interés para los candidatos de América Latina, sobre una organización que se llama Lumni.

Ver el artículo entero online por pinchando aquí.


Todos los candidatos que deseen solicitar un préstamo de cualquiera de los dos acuerdos de IE – Banca March o Caja Madrid – deben presentar la solicitud completa antes del 01 de febrero de 2011 a No se aceptará ninguna solicitud fuera de plazo, puesto que generalmente el tiempo de tramitación de préstamos, incluyendo la tramitación de documentos con las autoridades fiscales españolas, lleva de 8-12 semanas. Para obtener más información sobre los programas de préstamos y el proceso de solicitud por favor visiten las siguientes páginas web:

1) Banca March –
2) Caja Madrid –

Tengan en cuenta que en la mayoría de los casos, cuando se presenta la solicitud, a menudo es necesaria documentación adicional, por ello que deberán solicitarlo antes del 01 de febrero para asegurar que el Departamento de Ayuda Financiera aceptará su solicitud de préstamo. También tenga en cuenta que aunque aceptamos todas las solicitudes, son los bancos los que tienen la decisión final sobre la aprobación o denegación del préstamo por lo que es importante tener un plan B de financiación en caso de denegación.

Para obtener asistencia con su solicitud de préstamo, por favor contacte con nosotros a


News on Federal Loan in the US from BusinessWeek/Bloomberg

Written on July 15, 2010 by Joël McConnell in Uncategorized

While IE does not participate in teh US Federal Loan Program for US students who wish to study abroad, this information may be of interest to IE candidates. 

Article snapshot below (full article here):

“Students taking out federal student loans will be confronted with a bevy of changes when they visit their school’s financial aid office this fall. This spring, the U.S. Senate passed a student loan bill—the Student Aid & Fiscal Responsibility Act—that led to a major revamping of the federal student loan program, shifting everything from how students obtain their loans to the amount of aid doled out through such programs as the Pell Grant….”


Thanks to the collaboration of 85 Broads and the IE Foundation, 3 candidates for IE programs will be awarded up to 20.000€ in scholarships in the current academic year. The scholarships are as follows: 1 scholarship of 10.000€ towards a female MBA student, 1 scholarship of 5.000€ towards a master offered by one of IE’s School of Communication, School of Architecture, School of Biology, School of Arts and Humanities or School of Psychology; and 1 scholarship of 5.000€ towards IE Business School’s Advanced Management Program (AMP) Blended. To apply, see the attached document here (or in Spanish here).


Banking Services available through Caja Madrid

Written on May 6, 2010 by Joël McConnell in Uncategorized

Caja Madrid offers a full lign-up of banking services for students, learn more about what they have to offer by downloading the brochure here.

IE, working closely with Spain’s second largest credit union – Caja Madrid, ensures that you can open an account ahead of your arrival so that you have one less thing to worry about.  Once you are a client of Caja Madrid, you’ll have access to a full line of services specifically geared towards IE students.


Banca March Bank Account

Written on April 19, 2010 by Joël McConnell in Uncategorized

Downloand the PDF to learn about what’s available from Banca March, with regards to bank accounts:

Banca March Bank Account (Spanish)

More information available by contacting IE Financial Aid at


This week IE and the Organization of American States are launching the 2010-2011 scholarship program, and we’re glad to annouce an expanded partnership that not only covers master programs from IE’s 7 schools, but also undergraduate programs as well.  Below is a list of the programs included in the 2010-2011 program.  Please keep in mind the below deadlines for applications…

Undergraduate Programs – Bachelor Degrees
Bachelor in Communication
Bachelor in Architecture
Bachelor in Biology
Bachelor in Psychology
Bachelor in Art History
Bachelor in Tourism Management
Dual Degree (BBA + Bachelor of Law)

Master Programs
Master in International Management
Master in Sports Management
Master in Biotechnology Management
Master in International Relations
Master en Asesoría Júridica
Master en Asesoría Fiscal
Master in International Legal Practice
Master in Corporate Communication
Master in Economic and Business Journalism
Master in Global Environmental Change
Master in Organizational Leadership
Master in Architectural Management and Design

1) Fall Programs: May 30, 2010
2) Winter Programs: 15 October, 2010
3) Spring Programs: 01 November 2010

More news will be available shortly on the Financial Aid web site and the OAS web site. All questions and queries can be sent to in the mean time.

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