If you are a Master degree candidate currently in the admissions process, or a candidate that has been admitted and is thinking of applying for financial assistance from IE, please keep in mind that IE Financial Aid will be open daily from 8h30 to 20h30 CET (Madrid local time), Monday to Friday, for the entire month of August.  During this period, in addition to being able to call, email or stop by the Financial Aid Office in Maria de Molina, 11, we’ll also be processing scholarship and fellowship applications as pero our usual bi-weekly basis. We’ll also be working with candidates who’ve applied for a loan to process their loan applications.

Important reminder: If you are planning on applying for a loan from one of IE’s banking partners, the deadline for application is 30 July, 2012.  No late loan applications will be accepted.

If you are an Bachelor degree candidate please note all selection rounds have now been completed and we’ll will not be accepting any new scholarship applications for the 2012-2013 academic year.

IE Financial Aid will continue to work with outside funding organizations as well during the month of August, so if you are applying for a loan through an organization such as Sallie Mae, your application will be processed as usual.

For more information on Financial Aid, make sure to check the web site at www.ie.edu/financialaid.


The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, through its Student Financial Assistance Agency, offers several funding options for all levels of education.  To see the scholarship options for higher level studies, see here.

Of special interest are the following scholarships:

1) Sir Robert Black Trust Fund – Scholarships
2) Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund Scholarship Schemes

As these scholarships are externally funded, please contact the scholarship-awarding organizations directly as IE does not participate in the selection of scholarship recipients.


Loan terms available through the US Federal Student Loan program are becoming less attractive, and origination fees for both Stafford and Federal Plus loans are on the rise.  BusinessWeek writer Alison Damast writes:

“Incoming first-year MBA students and second-year MBA students typically spend July trying to finalize how they’ll be paying for school in the fall. This summer they’ll be in for a rude shock as they calculate how the recent raft of changes to the federal loan programs will affect their student loan payments…”

To see the full article, click here.


IE Business School and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), of the British Embassy in Madrid, have launched a joint scholarship program to enable UK students to study a master program that includes an internship in the field of international trade at UKTI’s Madrid office.

Candidates will benefit from a scholarship that covers up to 30% of enrolment fees for pre-experience programs like the Master in Management, Master in International Relations, International LLM, Master in Finance, Master in Marketing Research and Consumer Behavior, Master in Political Communication, and the Master in Corporate Communication. The total amounts would range between 5,400 and 8,700 euros

Scholarships are also available for the International MBA and the Master in Advanced Finance of IE Business School, covering in these cases between 20% and 30% of enrolment fees respectively. Said scholarships will range between 7,000 and 11,400 euros (up to 20% of fees) for the International MBA, and between 10,500 and 17,100 euros (up to 30%) for the Master in Advanced Finance. Scholarship recipients will be able to request an internship at IKTI’s Madrid Office, the nature of which will depend on their profile and academic achievements. In order to do so they will be required to successfully complete UKTI’s selection process. The internships will permit students to build on their professional experience in the field of international trade.

“Today’s business environment requires efficiency to survive, thrive and take companies to the next level. We support UK and Spanish companies in this when doing business in Spain and investing in the UK, respectively, for which we must provide them with a competitive service to win business. UK Trade and Investment in Spain work with professional advisers, with a priority of understanding the needs of our customers in order to help them with tailored and real-world solutions. We are confident that the MoU/collaboration with IE Business School will bring young talent and future business leaders to our project of furthering the excellent commercial relationship between Spain and the UK”, said Martyn Warr, Director for UKTI Iberia.


WEE´12 es un concurso que busca fomentar el talento e iniciativa empresarial entre mujeres europeas con formación técnica. La responsable de la mejor idea de negocio, cursará un máster en IE Business School, en el que adquirirá los conocimientos necesarios para hacer realidad su proyecto y convertirse en una emprendedora de éxito en el sector tecnológico. El objetivo de WEE’12 es promover la ambición empresarial entre las mujeres jóvenes con formación técnica en Europa y desarrollar sus aptitudes empresariales en campos como la energía, la electrónica o la mecánica. La iniciativa parte de la creencia de que la cooperación científica y la innovación son la base para impulsar el crecimiento de la economía en Europa.  Los requisitos para participar en el concurso son ser mujer, ciudadana europea y haber terminado una carrera técnica hace menos de 5 años, o estar a punto de terminarla y tener muchas ganas de sacar adelante una buena idea de negocio de base tecnológica.

Las tres finalistas, dos ingenieras españolas y una francesa, tendrán que defender su idea delante de un tribunal (compuesto por personalidades del mundo empresarial, académicos y directivos de Siemens) que escogerá la idea más innovadora y con mayor potencial.

Ver el video abajo para más información sobre el concurso.


If you qualify for Sallie Mae loans, then you should have a look at the below documents before contacting them.  Below you have a brief description of what each PDF provides from an information perspective, then you can download each document by clicking on the indicated link.  For additional information, visit the Sallie Mae web page at www.salliemae.com.

Information About Smart Option Student Loans from Sallie Mae

1) How cosigners can help your application (download here)
2) Overview and tips on repaying your loans (download here)
3) Tips for students who need a loan for studies outside the US (download here)

Smart Option Student Loans are a great option if you need a student loan and intend to return to the US for work after your degree program at IE, as both your student debt and earnings will be in US Dollars.


In early 2013 IE´s School of Social & Behavioral Science, in partnership with IE Executive Education, will be launching an exciting new program developed specifically for experienced executives interested in achieving outstanding business results through transformational leadership. By gaining a deep understanding of the hard science in positive psychology and human behavior, participants learn how to optimize overall strategy, functional processes, and organizational design to achieve optimal performance in themselves and the people they lead.

As part of the launch of the program, and for this first intake only, alumni of IE Business School Executive Education’s Top Management Programs are eligible for a 25% grant towards the program tuition fees, upon obtaining admissions to the program.  That’s an award of 11.250€ for graduates of our AMP (all formats), SMP, OEMP, PGEF, TBL, VMP and GSMP programs.  For more information on how to apply for the Executive Master program and benefit from this special grant offering, please contact the Admissions team for the Executive Master in Positive Leadership and Strategy at exmpls.admissions@ie.edu.

For more on the Executive Master in Positive Leadership and Strategy, check out the video on YouTube or the program web page here.


Recent e-fellows.net scholarship holder Jan Köchling talks about his experience at IE Business School…

“Alumnus Jan Gerrit Köchling (30) hat in Kiel und Cadiz BWL studiert und anschließend in Madrid als Unternehmensberater gearbeitet. Nach ein paar Jahren kehrte er nach Deutschland zurück. Doch Spanien ließ ihn nicht los – und so entschloss er sich zu einem MBA-Studium in Madrid. Damit das Fernweh auch dort nicht zu groß wird, nimmt er an einem “long exchange” teil und geht in die USA…”

To see the full interview in German, click here.


IE University and the Organization of American States (OAS) work together to help top professionals from OAS member countries access the postgraduate-level studies the need to lead change en their home countries, via scholarships and internships.  Together, both organizations also help these same professionals obtain a real world, international experience that provides new ideas, new contacts and new opportunities.  To learn more about the scholarship program, see the OAS’ web site here or visit the IE Financial Aid web site here.

Fall 2012 Scholarship Recipients

For the Fall 2012 group of scholarship recipients, 12 professionals from 9 different OAS member countries obtained scholarships for study at several of IE’s schools, with scholarship values ranging from 5.400€ to 23.200€ (US$6.600 to US$28.500).  This year IE will be receiving professionals from the following countries: El Salvador, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, United States and Venezuela.

Programs of Study and Internships

The 12 scholarships have been awarded to students who will be studying the following 4 programs at the following IE schools: IE Business School (International MBA, Master in International Management), IE School of Arts and Humanities (Master in International Relations) and IE School of Communication (Master in Corporate Communication).

Once scholarship recipients have graduated from their program, top academic performers can apply and be considered for internships at the OAS in Washington, D.C. as a way to complete their international experience.  So, in addition to getting additional European experience, top performers can also compete for an additional professional opportunity in the US, where they can apply what they learned during their master program at IE.

Impact in Scholarship Winners’ Home Countries

After their studies at IE, and their internships if the scholarship recipient successfully obtains an internship with the OAS in Washington, all grantees must return to their home countries to contribute to local development initiatives be they in the private and/or public sector.  This commitment to return completes the professional development and knowledge transfer process.


We have a special policy that exceptionally allows candidates for three joint degrees to apply for a scholarship after they have begun their International MBA at IE Business School.  The applicable programs are:

1) International MBA – Brown PRIME (Program in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship)
2) International MBA – Yale SOM – Master in Advanced Management
3) International MBA – MIT Sloan

To learn more about how to apply for these scholarships and the specific requirements, see here.

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