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Para los candidatos que tienen pensado solicitar una de las becas de la Fundación Carolina de la Convocatoria 2013, es importante tener en cuenta las siguientes fechas:

 1) Fecha fin para las solicitudes de la convocatoria de 2013 para las becas Fundación Carolina: 7 abril

El 7 de abril será el último día para enviar la solicitud de beca así como la solicitud de admisión (habiendo realizado ya la prueba de admisión de IE, en caso de ser necesario). No se admitirá ninguna solicitud de beca después de esta fecha, ni tampoco si la solicitud de admisión y/o la prueba de admisión no han sido completados para el 7 de abril. Por tanto, antes de esa fecha debemos tener constancia de: la solicitud de beca debidamente cumplimentada, la solicitud de admisión enviada y la prueba de admisión realizada (cuando sea necesario).

 2) Fecha de selección de candidatos y candidatas que pasarán a ser considerados para entrevistas: 9 de abril.

Tras haber solicitado las becas y el programa de postgrado, tendrá lugar una preselección de candidatos que pasarán a realizar entrevistas con los representantes de la Fundación Carolina. Los candidatos seleccionados para una entrevista recibirán una notificación directamente de la Fundación Carolina a partir del día 9 de mayo.

 3) Periodo de entrevistas con candidatos: a partir del 15 de mayo.

Los candidatos seleccionados tendrán que realizar una entrevista con un representante de la Fundación Carolina a partir del 15 de mayo.  Dichas entrevistas serán parte fundamental del proceso de selección de los candidatos que deseen recibir la beca mencionada.

 4) Comité de Selección de los becados de la Convocatoria de 2013: 25 de junio.

En este paso final se seleccionarán los finalistas para las becas de la Convocatoria de 2013.  El Comité de Selección será constituido por representantes de las instituciones que están participando en esta convocatoria de becas, y los ganadores de las mismas serán los candidatos con el mejor expediente académico y profesional, y quienes consideremos tengan el mayor compromiso para contribuir al desarrollo de regiones claves en Latinoamérica.  Los candidatos que no tengan admisión definitiva al programa de postgrado de IE antes de 25 de junio quedarán automáticamente descartados.

 5) Comunicación de las becas a los candidatos seleccionados de la Convocatoria de 2013: a partir del 26 de junio.

Para poder ir cerrando el proceso de matriculación y de conseguir el visado de estudiante, IE y Fundación Carolina se encargarán de contactar con los adjudicatarios de las becas.

Para más información no duden en contactar con Fundación Carolina o el Departamento de Ayuda Financiera de IE.


The Master in Work Space Design is an innovative post-professional program that addresses the implications of change in our contemporary work place, and the program has been designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to establish positive relationships between the design of the work space, business and the individual.

Studying at IE is an investment in many ways, and financial commitment certainly is an important factor to think about.   In an effort to help potential students of the Master in Work Space Design program fund their programs, IE has obtainedfunding to launch two new scholarships:

Modern Office & Facility Scholarships
This 15% grant upon admissions to the program is only available for applicants who participanted in the 2012 ORGATEC Fair in Cologne.  ORGATEC the world’s leading trade fair for Office and Facility. In 2012 the fair will generated momentum while paving the way for pioneering advances, demonstrating its role as a successful presentation platform and meeting place for all decision-makers in the office and facility market.  See the ORGATEC web site here.

Scholarship for Creative Workspace Designers
IE will grant a number of scholarships with individual amounts of up to 50% of tuition fees, to those aspiring to excel in advanced work space design in conjunction with business management.   See the IE Financial Aid web page here for more information on these scholarships.

For more information on the Master in Work Space Design program see here.


IE Business School Prize for Economic Journalism

Written on October 10, 2012 by Joël McConnell in Global News on Financial Aid

The last 20 years have seen unprecedented levels of development and economic transformation in practically all the countries in the Asian continent. This growth is evidenced not only by macroeconomic figures but also by the change in the day-to-day lives of hundreds of millions of Asians, duly documented and chronicled by the media in countries throughout Asia. These narratives of the different phases of economic growth include accounts of the first arrivals of foreign business, mass exportation to the West, and the major inroads made by Asian multinationals in the rest of the world since the year 2000, not only in the form of exports but also in terms of purchases and production in every continent.

In order to lend our support and bring added impetus to this important personal and social challenge facing economic journalists in Asia, IE BUSINESS SCHOOL has created the IE BUSINESS SCHOOL PRIZE FOR ECONOMIC JOURNALISM IN ASIA, aided by the sponsorship of CAF Banco de Desarrollo de América Latina in the form of 6000 euros (aprox 7500 US Dollars). The Prize recognizes the article and media that best fosters economic culture among the population of the country in question by explaining how global trends and movements are impacting the spending power of its citizens.

For more information, register here.


As an admitted degree candidate at IE, you’ll likely want to set up a bank account ahead of your arrival so that you have funds ready and waiting upon arrival.  Having your bank account ready and with a positive balance upon touchdown at Barajas means that you will more quickly be able to sign an apartment lease, get gym memberships, make that necessary trip to IKEA…  However do keep the following policy in mind:


IE Financial Aid has banks it works directly with, but we can only support students who open their bank accounts directly through our department.  If you open an account through a third party service provider you do so at your own risk, and IE Financial Aid will not be able to help you should there arrise a problem with your account or bank transfers.

We strongly recommend students do not use these third party service providers, and that they instead open their accounts through our central Financial Aid service. If there are problems related to funds transfer not being received, unpaid fees or other issues, IE Financial Aid will not support students who have not opened their account through IE Financial Aid.

For more information, contact us at


f you didn’t catch the recent article from the New York Times/International Herald Tribune titled “A Patchwork of Financing Complicates Foreign Study” then it’s worth having a read (see here) as the article not only talks about the challenges of getting a loan for study abroad, it also talks about a proposal that has been tables in Brussels whereby the European Union would have a EU-wide student loan program that would allow for portable student loans.

IE Business School does offer loans to international students, in amounts of up to 30.000€ towards master degrees.  Rates are in the neighbourhood of 4% and repayment periods of up to 10 years.  Students have up to 24 months of grace period, and some IE’s loan partners charge no penalty for early repayment.  The big plus with IE’s loan programs however are that students only have to deal with the Financial Aid Department, and the Financial Aid Department works with the banks to process the loans.  While students do have to have a good credit history and strong future earnings potential, the banks that IE works with provide loans to Spanish and international students alike.  For more information on IE’s loan programs, see here.


La forma de financiar tus estudios de postgrado en unas de las grandes escuelas de España es un tema importante y hay que pensar en todas las opciones.  En este artículo que publicó El País el domingo pasado el periodico ha consultado a IE y a otras escuelas de referencia sobre las tendencias y vías de financiación ahora disponibles para los mejores alumnos.

Estudiantes sin crédito
Autor: Miguel Ángel García Vega
Suplemento Formación y Empleo
El País (Domingo, 16 de septiembre, 2012)
Ver el artlículo completo aquí


In early 2013 IE´s School of Social & Behavioral Science, in partnership with IE Executive Education, will be launching an exciting new program developed specifically for experienced executives interested in achieving outstanding business results through transformational leadership. By gaining a deep understanding of the hard science in positive psychology and human behavior, participants learn how to optimize overall strategy, functional processes, and organizational design to achieve optimal performance in themselves and the people they lead.

As part of the launch of the program, and for this first intake only, alumni of IE Business School Executive Education’s Top Management Programs are eligible for a 25% grant towards the program tuition fees, upon obtaining admissions to the program.  That’s an award of 11.250€ for graduates of our AMP (all formats), SMP, OEMP, PGEF, TBL, VMP and GSMP programs.  For more information on how to apply for the Executive Master program and benefit from this special grant offering, please contact the Admissions team for the Executive Master in Positive Leadership and Strategy at

For more on the Executive Master in Positive Leadership and Strategy, check out the video on YouTube or the program web page here.


Si aún no lo has visto, ya están publicadas las becas para este año que ofrecen conjuntamente la Fundación Carolina, IE Business School y Telefónica. Haz clic aquí para saber más acerca de las becas disponibles.

Son 5 becas del 100% para empleados actuales de Telefónica en América Latina, para el programa International MBA de IE Business School.  Además de cubrir la matrícula entera, las becas incluyen el pasaje aéreo y los seguros médicos.

Estas becas solo están disponibles para empleados de Telefónica.

Los becados deben comprometerse a volver a América Latina tras su formación para contribuir al desarrollo profesional y económico en la región, y así trasladar las habilidades y conocimientos que adquieran durante el máster a un país latinoamericano con el objeto de liderar el avance profesional y desarrollo económico local.

IE Business School lleva más de 20 años formando a los líderes de organizaciones de referencia en América Latina, y estamos muy orgullosos de poder colaborar con la Fundación Carolina y Telefónica para seguir ofreciendo oportunidades a los mejores profesionales de la región.


Fulbright at IE Segovia Campus!

Written on February 29, 2012 by Joël McConnell in Global News on Financial Aid

This past Tuesday, 28th of February, a team of two from the Fulbright Commission’s Madrid office came to IE University’s Segovia campus to present to bachelor degree students the option of completing their master studies at a top US institution with a full grant.  This opportunity is only available to the most dedicated and academically strong candidates, but IE University graduates have the real possibility of competing for one of these awards.

Fulbright and IE have been collaborating for more than a decade in Spain, and every year IE receives 3 US Fulbright Scholars who come to IE for master-level studies.  Additionally, IE is now also receiving 1 Teaching Assistant (TA) per year through Fulbright as well.  Both organizations also collaborate through various other ways, including the Senior Specialist Program offered by Fulbright whereby top experts from the US come to IE to share their knowledge with students, staff and alumni.

To see the Fulbright Commission’s posting on the recent event in Segovia, click here.

To see the Flickr photo stream from the recent event in Segovia, click here.


EL ECONOMISTA.  Las fundaciones de PwC y el Instituto de Empresa (IE Business School) impulsan un nuevo programa de becas para formar profesionales que encabecen el sector público en España y América Latina. Los beneficiarios podrán cursar el ExecutiveMáster enGestión Pública del IE enmarcado en las actividades académicas delCentroPwC– IE del Sector Público…

Ver la noticia entera por pinchando aquí.

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