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Un grupo de 20 becarios de distintos programas e instituciones (incluyendo alumnos del International MBA de la IE Business School), acompañados por los coordinadores académicos de los posgrados y personal de Fundación Carolina, han participado el martes 26 de febrero en una jornada organizada por Telefónica para agasajarles en su estancia en España, reforzar el networking y recibir información directa sobre las principales áreas de desarrollo corporativo de la compañía, presente en toda Iberoamérica.

Para saber más sobre la visita, ver el artíulo entero por dando clic aquí.


Si aún no lo has visto, ya están publicadas las becas para este año que ofrecen conjuntamente la Fundación Carolina, IE Business School y Telefónica. Haz clic aquí para saber más acerca de las becas disponibles.

Son 5 becas del 100% para empleados actuales de Telefónica en América Latina, para el programa International MBA de IE Business School.  Además de cubrir la matrícula entera, las becas incluyen el pasaje aéreo y los seguros médicos.

Estas becas solo están disponibles para empleados de Telefónica.

Los becados deben comprometerse a volver a América Latina tras su formación para contribuir al desarrollo profesional y económico en la región, y así trasladar las habilidades y conocimientos que adquieran durante el máster a un país latinoamericano con el objeto de liderar el avance profesional y desarrollo económico local.

IE Business School lleva más de 20 años formando a los líderes de organizaciones de referencia en América Latina, y estamos muy orgullosos de poder colaborar con la Fundación Carolina y Telefónica para seguir ofreciendo oportunidades a los mejores profesionales de la región.


If you are a US student coming to IE with funding from Sallie Mae, keep in mind the following information:

1) From the disbursement date Sallie Mae lists on OpenNet to the time any remaining fees are physically in your account here in Madrid, there is a waiting period of 20 business days/4 weeks.  The funds must pass through multiple processes, and so keep this in mind when planning financially for your first weeks in Madrid. Studying outside the US is an exciting and formative experience, but the collaboration between multiple institutions and across borders takes time, often much more so than if all processing were completed within the US.

2) If you have applied for and been approved a loan from Sallie Mae, keep in mind that IE only accepts single disbursements and we only pass on excess funds to students once their pending student account has been covered in full.  This means that if you are planning on coming early, your disbursement date should be at least 20 business days/4 weeks before you plan on arriving to Madrid.  This is especially important with regards to signing lease agreements for an apartment, and having the funds necessary to cover daily living expenses.  IE does not provide cash advances.

3) If you’ll be studyig in Madrid full-time, IE Financial Aid can open a bank account for you in Madrid ahead of your arrival but you must request it.  Contact us to open a bank account at

4) If you are studying on a blended format program or the IE Brown Executive MBA, your funds will be handled separately as you will not be able to obtain a local residency number and so we can’t open a local bank account for you ahead of arrival.  If you are funding your program with a Sallie Mae loan, and you are studying in a blended format program or the IE Brown Executive MBA, please contact IE Financial Aid for more information at

5) Because Sallie Mae loans must be returned to Sallie Mae by the institution if the student does not join the program, and because place reservation payments to IE to secure your place in a specific program and intake are non-refundable, you cannot pay your place reservation with a Sallie Mae loan.  Place reservation payments must be paid with funds other than your Sallie Mae loan.


Becas Fundación Carolina: Fecha límite y sesiones informativas.

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Una fecha importante a anotar para todos los candidatos de América Latina que esperan conseguir una beca de la Fundación Carolina para cursar un programa máster de IE:

FECHA LÍMITE para solicitar la beca a través de la web de Fundación Carolina es el 6 de marzo de 2011 (ver la web de fundación Carolina aquí).

Para ganar una beca de la Fundación Carolina, el alumno debe solicitar primero la beca con la Fundación Carolina antes de la fecha límite (06 de marzo de 2011), y luego disponer de admisión definitiva a IE antes del 05 de abril de 2011. En abril de 2011 el Comité de Selección de Becas se reunirá para elegir a los ganadores de la convocatoria de becas del 2011-2012.

Aquellos candidatos que hayan solicitado la beca dentro de plazo (antes del 06 de marzo de 2011) y sean preseleccionados tendrán que realizar una entrevista con la Fundación Carolina. Dichas entrevistas tendrán lugar en los meses de abril y mayo de 2011.

Los candidatos que superen con éxito la entrevista con la Fundación Carolina y hayan obtenido una admisión definitiva para cursar alguno de los programas de IE serán oficialmente seleccionados por el Comité de Selección en Abril 2011. La decisión final será comunicada en mayo/junio de 2011.

Agenda de Sesiones Informativas IE:

1) International MBA: El programa y las becas Fundación Carolina
– 01 de marzo a las 18h00 (hora central europea – CET)
– Participar: inscribirse a través de la web de IE en

2) Becas Fundación Carolina y Másteres Júridicos (MAJ y MILP)
– 10 de marzo a las 17h00 (hora central europea – CET)
– Participar: inscribirse a través de la web de IE en

3) Becas Fundación Carolina y el Master in International Management
– 24 de marzo a las 17h00 (hora central europea – CET)
– Participar: inscribirse a través de la web de IE en

4) Becas Fundación Carolina y el Master in Corporate Communications
– 10 de marzo a las 17h00 (hora central europea – CET)
– 17 de marzo a las 17h00 (hora central europea – CET)
– Participar: inscribirse a través de la web de IE en

5) Becas Fundación Carolina y el Master in International Relations
– 14 de marzo a las 17h00 (hora central europea – CET)
– Participar: inscribirse a través de la web de IE en


 One of IE Business School’s most important partners in Germany is – a network of Germany’s top students and professionals, started and supported by McKinsey Consultants.  To read a recent story that was published on e-fellows’ web site about an IE student, check out the link below.


Mit Stipendium an die IE Business School…. Ein fettes Grinsen im Gesicht

Ein MBA-Stipendium pro Studienstart vergibt die IE Business School in Madrid exklusiv an Stipendiaten und Alumni von sowie an Teilnehmer des MBA Day. e-fellow Benoît hat eins ergattert – und spart damit die Hälfte der Studiengebühren…

See the full story here (text in German).


If you’re admitted to the International MBA and are thinking of doing a Dual Degree, here is a very useful document for the International MBA + MLOG/ZLOG option: IE Business School+ MIT Dual Degree .

Key general tips on dual degrees and Financial Aid:

1) You must apply for Financial Aid before your start BOTH programs, and you are only considered for said applications if you can demonstrate definitive admissions to both programs before your start either program.

2) The assistance from IE Financial Aid, if provided, only applies to the International MBA.  For financial assistance for the additional program the student must apply directly to the partner institution. 

3) If a scholarship is awarded for the International MBA component of the Dual Degree the student will need to pay their place reservation within a set amount of days not only to maintain their spot in the program, but also to formally accept the scholarship.  Failure to do so will result in the lapsing of the IE Financial Aid offer.  This policy applies equally if students do the other degree component first, then continue on with the International MBA.

4) If a student is awarded a Dual Degree Scholarship for the International MBA component of the Dual Degree program, the student is not elegible for any other award offered by IE or collaborating scholarship institutions.  Students can still apply for a loan from Banca March or Caja Madrid however, again only for their study period in Madrid (International MBA part of Dual Degree).

5) Students who do the International MBA first, and who don’t decide to apply to the other institution until they have already started their program at IE, are NOT elegible for IE Financial Aid and cannot apply for the Dual Degree Scholarship.  Students must apply to the partner institution directly.


Just a quick note that if you still haven’t figured out your program funding, then it may be worth looking into requesting a transfer to a forward intake.  The next intake is in April 2011, so transferring to the next intake will also give you a few extra months of time to save, and obtain additional professional experience.

As we are in a waiting list scenario, we are not longer able to accept new Financial Assistance applications for the November 2010 intake.


Just a quick update to all candidates thinking of doing the International MBA and MLOG/ZLOG  Dual Degree:

To be considered for the Dual Degree Scholarship you must apply and obtain admissions to both the IMBA and the MLOG/ZLOG program AND apply for the scholarship to IE Financial Aid BEFORE starting your studies at IE Business School.

Any scholarship applications submitted after the student has started the International MBA will not be accepted.  This policy is strictly enforced and appears as such in the program documents (see here).


We get many questions on when to apply for scholarships, how the Scholarship Committee selects aid recipients and what to do if the candidate finds themself applying late in the process for Financial Aid.  Hopefully the tips below will help you better manage your applications for financial assistance.  We’ve organized the tips into a Question and Answer (Q&A) format for ease of reference.

Question: I’m admitted to a master program at IE however it starts soon and I’m worried it’s too late to apply for aid, what should I do?

Answer: It is preferable to apply well in advance of the start date of the program intake, and as soon as you have definitive admissions to an IE program.  However the Scholarship Committee does review applications throughout the year, and the waiting period for a decision is 2-6 weeks.  If you need financial assistance and have a great profile, then apply.

Question: I’m planning on starting the International MBA in November however it’s very late in the process and I’m concerned about not being awarded aid because I wasn’t able to apply earlier, what should I do?

Answer: If you really do need financial assistance and have a great profile, then apply; we’ll do our best to help.  However, resources are limited so it may be smarter to take another approach: think about moving to the following April intake.  Why?  Well, simply put, by moving to the April intake (5 additional months of professional experience and savings time…) you’ll convert yourself into one of the “first to apply” for assistance instead of being one of the “last to apply”.

Question: How does the Scholarship Committee decide to award scholarships and fellowships to?

Answer: The Scholarship Committee evaluates much the same characteristics taken into account during the Admissions process, with a special eye to helping the most well-rounded cases who have demonstrated financial need.  A well-rounded profile would be one that has excellent past academic results and/or professional track record, someone who brings something unique/diverse to the classroom (uncommon nationality, special expertise, valuable knowledge, experience as a successful entrepreneur, etc) and someone who has done well on the IE Admissions Test or other standard admissions test accepted by IE.


Coree Schmitz will be joining IE this coming November (International MBA), and will be joined by 2 other Fulbrights selected for study at IE Business School in 2010. Below is the you can learn more about story Coree’s background to better understand the types of candidates that typically receive the Fulbright Award.

See the full story here:

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