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If you are admitted to a full-time program or you are a Spanish fiscal resident admitted to a part time or blended format program from IE and plan on applying for a loan from one of our partner institutions take note of the below application periods and deadlines.

For more information on our Banco Sabadell loan offer, see:

For more information on our Banca March loan offer, see:

Loan Applications Periods by Program

Below are date ranges that indicate when you can apply for a loan for your program.  Applications sent outside these date ranges will not be accepted.

Master in Advanced Finance (January ’13 intake): 1-30 November 2012
Master in International Management (February ’13 intake): 1-30 November 2012
Executive MBA+ (February ’13 intake): 1-30 January 2013
Executive MBA+ (March ’13 intake): 1-28 February 2013
Executive MBA+ (April’13 intake): 1-30 March 2013
Executive MBA+ (May ’13 intake): 1-30 April 2013
Executive Master in Positive Leadership and Strategy (April’13 intake): 1-28 February 2013
Global MBA+ (April’13 intake): 1-30 March 2013
Master en Asesoría Jurídica de Empresas (LL.M.): (February ’13 intake): 1-30 November 2012
Global MBA+ (March ’13 intake): 1-28 February 2013
International MBA (April’13 intake): 1 January-28 February 2013
Master in Architectural Management and Design (February ’13 intake): 1-30 November 2012
Global Executive MBA (June ’13 intake): 1-30 May 2013
IE Brown Executive MBA (March ’13 intake): 1-30 February 2013


f you didn’t catch the recent article from the New York Times/International Herald Tribune titled “A Patchwork of Financing Complicates Foreign Study” then it’s worth having a read (see here) as the article not only talks about the challenges of getting a loan for study abroad, it also talks about a proposal that has been tables in Brussels whereby the European Union would have a EU-wide student loan program that would allow for portable student loans.

IE Business School does offer loans to international students, in amounts of up to 30.000€ towards master degrees.  Rates are in the neighbourhood of 4% and repayment periods of up to 10 years.  Students have up to 24 months of grace period, and some IE’s loan partners charge no penalty for early repayment.  The big plus with IE’s loan programs however are that students only have to deal with the Financial Aid Department, and the Financial Aid Department works with the banks to process the loans.  While students do have to have a good credit history and strong future earnings potential, the banks that IE works with provide loans to Spanish and international students alike.  For more information on IE’s loan programs, see here.


According to Social Finance (SoFi) CEO Mike Cagney “Through SoFi, we have been able to create a whole new market that gives students better alternatives to fund their education while strengthening ties to their alumni community…”  Following an approach similar to Prodigy Finance, this organization aims to tap financial support from alumni to help fund future students’ studies at the home institution.

To learn more about the SoFi story, see the link here.

To learn more about Prodigy Finance, see the link here.

While an innovative approach to student funding, often these primarily alumni-funded loan schemes do have their own risks, both for investors and the home institutions.  Nonetheless, they are an interesting model and one worth following as they mature into a more commonly tapped source of student loans.


A good little article has just been published by the WSJ, which will be of special interest to US-based candidates coming to IE this Fall.  The article talks about the challenges US students face when funding their studies, and specifically about US federal loans:

“Federal student loans have long been the option preferred by most borrowers. But annual interest rates on many of these government loans range from 5% to 7.9% at a time when mortgages are going for around 3.5% or less…”  To see the full article, click here.

For US candidates IE offeres a wide range of program funding options, and we are also an approved school for Sallie Mae loans, which is offering rates similar to US federal loans.  To learn more about the Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loans, check out see the web page here.  IE is able to offer student loans in US Dollars to all qualifying US students who come to IE, and for both Bachelor and Master programs.


Loan terms available through the US Federal Student Loan program are becoming less attractive, and origination fees for both Stafford and Federal Plus loans are on the rise.  BusinessWeek writer Alison Damast writes:

“Incoming first-year MBA students and second-year MBA students typically spend July trying to finalize how they’ll be paying for school in the fall. This summer they’ll be in for a rude shock as they calculate how the recent raft of changes to the federal loan programs will affect their student loan payments…”

To see the full article, click here.


If you qualify for Sallie Mae loans, then you should have a look at the below documents before contacting them.  Below you have a brief description of what each PDF provides from an information perspective, then you can download each document by clicking on the indicated link.  For additional information, visit the Sallie Mae web page at

Information About Smart Option Student Loans from Sallie Mae

1) How cosigners can help your application (download here)
2) Overview and tips on repaying your loans (download here)
3) Tips for students who need a loan for studies outside the US (download here)

Smart Option Student Loans are a great option if you need a student loan and intend to return to the US for work after your degree program at IE, as both your student debt and earnings will be in US Dollars.


Bank Republic (Société Général Group) is offering loans for master degree studies abroad, to cover tuition fees, accommodation, travelling, food and other expenses related to your program of study.  These loans are available for the Top 50 institutions worldwide, as ranked by the Financial Times, and IE is on the approved list (see the list here).

What’s innovative about the loan offering is that they offer some special incentives:

– If you graduate from IE, the interest rate of your loan will be reduced by 0.5%
– If you graduate with excellent marks, the interest rate of your loan will be reduced by 1%
– If you finish studies with your GPA 3.6 or higher, Bank Republic will offer you a 2-month internship at their Head Office

To learn more about the loan offering, see here.


RBC is offering a line of credit for professional students who wish to study outside of Canada.  They describe the loan product as:

“If you’re attending college or university outside of Canada, RBC has the funding you need to help further your education and gain international experience. The Royal Credit Line® for Students is a great option for you, with preferred interest rates and the credit limit you need.  This line of credit for Professional Students is designed exclusively for students like you, with limits up to $100,000. Plus, we provide a full range of services to help you manage your financial affairs while you pursue your professional degree abroad.”

To learn more about this option, click here.


Deadline for Loan Applications: 15 July, 2012.

Written on June 7, 2012 by Joël McConnell in Loans | Préstamos

If you are thinking of applying for a student loan from IE via one of the two loan programs we currently maintain with Banco Sabadell and Banca March, you must apply by the deadlines indicated below. Late applications will not be accepted.

If you wish to join one of the programs that begin in September or October intakes, please submit your application/s to by July 15. For any program starting in November 2012 intakes, please send us your loan file/s between the 1st and 30th of July.


Si estás pensando en solicitar un préstamo de IE a través de uno de nuestros programas de financiación con Banco Sabadell o Banca March, debes solicitarlo en los plazos indicados a continuación. Las solicitudes enviadas fuera de plazo no serán aceptadas.

Si tu programa comienza en la convocatoria de Septiembre u Octubre de 2012, deberás enviarnos la/s solicitud/es de préstamo antes de 15 de julio. Si vas a estudiar un programa cuya convocatoria comienza en el mes de Noviembre de 2012, por favor envíanos la/s solicitud/ entre el 1 y el 30 de Julio.

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