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85 Broads Membership Recipients Selected!

Written on September 1, 2011 by Joël McConnell in Global News on Financial Aid

Thanks to the more than 130 interested women of the IE Community that applied for one of 15 available memberships to the 85 Broads network, a global professional organization for women. All selected candidates have been notified, and below is both a listing of the selection criteria used by 85 Broads and IE to choose the recipients, as well as a snapshot of the group who received memberships.

Selection Critieria for 85 Broads Membership

1) Minimum of 7 years of experience and be an alumni of an IE master or Top Management Program.
2) Speak both Spanish and English.
3) Work for a multinational, leading SME or be a stand-out entrepreneur.
4) Special knowledge or special contacts that will serve the objectives of 85 Broads and IE.
5) Commitment with the IE community
6) Live in Madrid.

Snapshot of the Membership Recipients Group

1) 10 industrial sectors represented.
2) Multinational companies: Indra, AON Corporation, BBVA, LVMH, Vitra, Roche, Catenon Worldwide, Microsoft, and Telefonica.
3) SME and entrepreneurs: Grupo Volconsa, Focus on Women.


Oportunidad para alumnas IE de programas Executive/Part-Time: 15 Memberships de 1 año con 85 Broads GRATIS.  Para estar considerada para 1 de las 15 plazas (un proceso de selección competitivo), envia tu CV de 1 página a Joël McConnell – antes del 30 de mayo de 2010.  Los criterios de selección son: estudios previos (IE e otros), experiencia laboral, cargo actual y potencial de liderazgo.   Hay dos grados de memberships disponibles: Investor (7) y Visionary (8).

Sobre la organización 85 Broads

85 Broads es una red global de 20.000 mujeres tanto pioneras como ambiciosas, con potencial, y conectadas. Los ¨miembros fundadores¨ de 85 Broads eran mujeres que trabajaron para Goldman Sachs en la calle denominada 85 Broad Street, antigua sede de la firma de banca de inversión de Nueva York. Durante la última década, el 85 Broads ha ampliado el número de socios para las mujeres que sean ex-alumnas y alumnas de colegios, universidades y escuelas de postgrado más importantes de todo mundo. Nuestros miembros se encuentran en 82 países en todo el mundo y trabajan para los miles de empresas comerciales y organizaciones con y sin fines de lucro.  Más información sobre la organización en:

Opportunity for female IE students of Executive/Part Time programs: 15 one year memberships with 85 Broads for FREE.  To be considered for one of the 15 spots (it is a competitive selection process) send your 1-page CV to Joël McConnell – before 30 May 2010.  The selection criteria are: previous studies (IE and elsewhere), professional experience, current position, and leadership potential.  There are two grades of membership up for grabs: Investor (7) y Visionary (8).

About 85 Broads

85 Broads is a global network of 20,000 trailblazing women who are inspired, empowered, and connected. The “founding members” of 85 Broads were women who worked for Goldman Sachs at 85 Broad Street, the investment banking firm’s former NYC headquarters. Over the past decade, 85 Broads expanded its membership to include women who are alumnae and students of the world’s leading colleges, universities, and graduate schools worldwide. 85 Broads members are located in 82 countries around the world and work for thousands of for-profit companies and not-for-profit organizations.  More information about the organization at:


Shortly the final 45 recipients of the EuropeanPWN memberships will be contacted by the EuropeanPWN with more details on how to complete the registration process for their free, 1-year membership to this cross-EU network of professionals dedicated to the advancement of women professionals.  While we had about 2 applications for each membership available (just short of 100 applications in total), in the end we had to select the most qualified members of the IE community of current and future professionals based on their background, program of study, responsibilities and their contribution to the overall diversity of the pool of membership recipients joining the EuropeanPWN this year.  Below is a snapshot of the group of who will be receiving memberships:

  • Programs: International Executive MBA, Executive MBA, Executive Master in Dirección Comercial y Marketing, Executive Master in Dirección Financiera, International MBA, Master in International Relations, Master in International Management, and Master in Marketing Management.
  • Some of the Top Organizations: IE, Saint Gobain, Airbus, Altran, Endesa, Inditex, Randstad, Accenture, Ferrovial, Union Fenosa, Red Electrica, British Telecom, Honeywell, Invest Hong Kong, SUMAQ, 10,000 Women (Goldman Sachs), Financieros Sin Fronteras, and many additional large and medium size organizations.
  • Age Range: 23 to 50 (majority early to mid 30s).
  • Languages: all selected recipients speak 2 or more languages (many 3 or more).
  • Gender: majority of recipients are women, but the final group does include both men and women members of the IE community.
  • 45 Memberships: In addition to the 25 student memberships awards, 5 alumni and 15 management/director-level staff members received special invitations to join.

For more information on the European Professional Women’s Network, navigate to:

Congratulations again to our selected candidates!


Looking for new networking and job hunting opportunities?  Apply for a free EuropeanPWN Membership…

As a current student at IE you may be looking for ways to best build your contact network, and better your professional opportunities post-program.  Due to the recent signing of an agreement between IE and the European Professional Women’s Network (EuropeanPWN), we are glad to be able to offer free 1-year memberships to 25 students (100€ value each).  The membership gives you access to the EuropeanPWN’s online resources, as well as a selection of events held at top companies and organizations in Madrid, where you will meet women and men in a position to hire future IE graduates.  Recent events include a breakfast with HR Directors held at Deloitte’s headquarter offices in Torre Picasso, a speaker session at Coca Cola’s headquarters in Arturo Soria and speakers from Warner Brothers here on campus at IE.

Please send a message to IE Financial Aid ( stating your program, intake and include a copy of your CV if you would like to be considered for one of the memberships.  All requests must be received by Friday, 22 May at 12h00 Madrid time.

Selected candidates will be contact directly by the Financial Aid Officer to formalize their memberships.


Estas buscando una forma de aumentar tu red profesional?  Apúntate entonces a la EuropeanPWN.

 Como alumno actual, puede que estés buscando una manera de mejorar tu red de contactos y tus oportunidades profesionales después de terminar el programa. Debido a un acuerdo reciente entre IE y la organización EuropeanPWN, European Professional Women’s Network, estamos encantados de poder ofrecer un año como miembro de la asociación a 25 alumnos (por valor de € 100). Ser socio te dará acceso a los recursos online de EuropeanPWN y a una serie de eventos que tendrán lugar en compañías y organizaciones de primer rango en Madrid, donde conocerás a mujeres y hombres que están en posición de contratar futuros graduados de IE.  Eventos como un desayuno en la oficina central de Deloitte en la Torre Picasso, una conferencia en la oficina central de Coca Cola en Arturo Soria y una conferencia de Warnen Brothers aquí en el campus de IE son unos de los últimos eventos que hemos celebrado.

Por favor, manda un email a Financial Aid ( especificando tu programa y convocatoria; incluye una copia de tu curriculum si deseas ser considerado para ser miembro. La fecha límite es el próximo viernes 22 de mayo a las 12.00 (hora de Madrid).

Contactaremos a los candidatos seleccionados directamente desde la oficina de Financial Aid para formalizar el proceso.


25 EuropeanPWN Memberships Available for IE Students!

Written on May 13, 2009 by Joël McConnell in Scholarships | Becas

Are you interested in becoming a member of Europe’s leading women’s network, for free?  As part of a recent scholarship agreement we’ve signed with the EuropeaPWN, we now have 25 memberships to assign to top Women+International MBA students currently studying at IE Business School.  If you are interested, please contact the Financial Aid Officer at  Below is one example of the type of event hosted by the EuropeanPWN, and people you will be able to meet through your membership…

Location: Warner Brothers Headquarters (Madrid)


Pilar Zulueta, SVP GM Warner Brothers Consumer Products Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Mark Fritz, an expert in Virtual Leadership -Leading People at a Distance share skills, values and time management techniques on how to manage remote teams across countries, time zones and languages. 

Pilar joined Warner Bros in 1997 as GM Iberia and now is the GM for consumer products for Warner Bros across 14 countries.  This includes new properties, negotiated licensing agreement and implementing global strategies for all WB brands including Harry Potter, Batman, Looney Tunes and European soccer, etc. She was previously a GM with an RJ Reynolds division.  She has an MBA from IE and a Doctorate in Bio Chemistry and Molecular biology.

Mark has more than 20 years experience working in Egypt, Ialy, Japan, The Netherlands, Singapore, UK, USA and running operations for a multinational organization.  He is an engaging speaker and visiting professor at IE and other Inernational Business Schools and coaches leaders on Virtual Team Management.

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