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Monthly Top 10 FAQ: March 2009

Written on March 9, 2009 by Joël McConnell in Monthly Top 10 | Top 10 Mensuales

Below are the answers to March’s most pressing and frequently asked questions.

Question 01: How long does it take to hear back regarding my scholarship application?

Answer 01: Generally scholarship applications are decided between 2 and 4 weeks from the time we receive a complete scholarship application.  Scholarship applications are not complete until we have all required documentation, in English or Spanish, and that you the potential student has received a confirmation from Financial Aid that your applications is complete.

Question 02: What is a pay slip?  What is a bank extract?

Answer 02: Both these documents help us better understand your relative financial need, an important factor when considering whether or not you require financial support.  A pay slip is the monthly or bi-weekly document your organization sends you which shows how much you were paid in both fixed and (if applicable) variable salary.  A bank extract is either a letter from your bank, or your monthly statement, either of which shows your recent bank balances and income flows.

Question 03: How many scholarships can I apply for?

Answer 03: No more than 3 scholarship applications will be considered for any applicant.  Once you case has been reviewed and decided, the Scholarship Committee will not see your case again, so it is important that you take the time to think about which scholarship(s) you are most qualified for, and then apply for up to three.

Question 04: What do I need to communicate in my Letter of Intent, when applying for a Fellowship?

Answer 04: What you have done in the past that brings special or unique value to an on-campus project, and in a second paragraph, what it is exactly you want to do after your master program at IE.  We try to custom-fit IE Fellows to on-campus projects where they can 1) bring the most value/expertise needed, and 2) the student will be able to gain additional experience which will directly contribute to them achieving their post-program professional goals.

Question 05: If I am applying to multiple programs, does that mean I can apply for 3 scholarships for each program?

Answer 05: No.  You can only apply for up to 3 scholarships as a scholarhip candidate, regardless of how many programs you are applying to.

Question 06: What are the deadlines for scholarship applications for my program and intake?

Answer 06: For schools that do not operate on a rolling admissions model, dates for scholarship applications tend to be regid and annual.  IE works on a rolling admissions process and so all related/dependant processes are also engineered to best fit with our admissions approach.  As such, most scholarships can be applied for throughout the year, unless otherwise noted in the specific scholarship listing as it appears on the Financial Aid web site at

Question 07: You have joint programs with key programs in Latin America, do I apply to IE or these organizations directly for scholarship support?

Answer 07: For our most important program partners in Latin America, such as ICETEX, Fundación Carolina, Colfuturo, Guatefuturo, IPFE, FUNED and others, you must first apply for financial support from these organizations, directly with the organization.  You must then also obtain admissions to IE.  Once you have admissions to IE and have applied to the respective organization for financial support, both organizations work together to decide on each specific case.

Question 08: Do I have to be admitted to IE to apply for a scholarship?

Answer 08: Yes.  If you do not have admissions to IE, we will not consider your application for financial support.

Question 09: I’ve been awarded a scholarship, but I want a higher scholarship. Can I apply for an increase?

Answer 09: No.  The Scholarship Committee works very closely with Admissions, IE’s International Offices and other relevant stakeholders to understand each candidate’s economic situation and merit.  If you are awarded a scholarship, then this is the support IE is willing to provide you for a specific programa and intake.  You are free however to apply for scholarships offered by outside organizations, not related to IE.

Question 10: What is the best way to send my application documentation to Financial Aid?

Answer 10: We only accept documentation in digital format, unless otherwise requested.  Sending documenation via mail or courrier implies potential loss of documents, unnecessary expenses, wastage of paper, and if we store documentation related to scholarship applications, we store it digitally.  Further, if you are including documentation from your organization (supporting letters from superiors, letters from the Human Resources department, etc), then these documents should be sent directly by the author/person signing the letter, to

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