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Below are the answers to April’s most pressing and frequently asked questions.

Question 01: Should I send my documents by email or post?

Answer 01: By email scanning all necessary documents, please ensure they are legible.  Sending documentation this way reduces unnessary use of paper, and eliminates shipping costs for the applicant.

Question 02: Can I apply for scholarships that come up when I use the Search Engine without entering my program and country?

Answer 02: You should use the search tool on the Financial Aid web page to make sure you are applying for the right scholarships (if you apply for a scholarship that your program of study doesn’t qualify, you will automatically be denied the application).  If you would like to apply for a featured scholarship (one of the scholarships that is displayed when you first get to the scholarship web page), be sure your program qualifies.

Question 03: How many scholarships and fellowships can I apply for?

Answer 03: You can apply for up to a maximum of 3 scholarships and 1 fellowship (please keep in mind that generally fellowships only are available for full-time programs).

 Question 04: Which category covers Russia and India?

Answer 04: Russia is included in the Europe category, India in the Asia Pacific category.

Question 05: When will I know the decision regarding my financial aid application?

Answer 05: Typically within 2 to 4 weeks, as our Financial Aid processes support our Rolling Admissions process.

Question 06: Can I apply for scholarships and loans at the same time?

Answer 06: Scholarships and IE Fellow applications will only be considered once you have definitive admissions to a program at IE.  You can apply for a loan before actually starting your program, however definitive admissions is a prerequisite for loan awards, and once a loan is awarded, you must sign your loan agreement within 3 months of the approval date.  So, be sure you don’t have to travel to Madrid twice: apply so that you can sign when you arrive to Madrid to start your program.

Question 07: Is there a list of available Fellowship projects I can apply to directly?

Answer 07: No.  Currently we custom-match students approved for a fellowship within different departments at IE.  We’re working on making a list available, but this is not a change that is likely to take place before late 2009, early 2010.

Question 08: When can I apply for a loan?

Answer 08: Our recommendation is applying for a Caja Madrid loan once you have definitive admissions, and within 3-4 months before you actually start your program.  Please keep in mind that it is possible that your loan application will be denied, even though you have admissions to a program at IE, therefore it’s probably wise to see the Caja Madrid option as your back-up plan.

Question 09: What is the grace period for loans from Caja Madrid?  Do I have to make loan payments during the grace period/while I´m studying?

Answer 09: While students studying full-time may be granted up to 18 months in grace period, all students who take out a loan with Caja Madrid begin paying a loan from day 1: during the grace period only interest payments are made, and then at the end of the grace period both interest and principle payments begin.  Please note that part-time, blended format and executive programs all start paying both interest and principle from day 1 – a policy based on the fact that if you are studying with IE and working at the same time, then starting to pay back your loan right away is a good way to reduce your debt load as quickly as possible.

Question 10: Can you send me the loan contract so I can sign it in my home country, instead of having to come to Madrid to sign it?

Answer 10: No.  Loans must always be signed in front of a Notary here in Madrid, this is not a negotiable term of the IE – Caja Madrid loan program.


Monthly Top 10 FAQ: April 2009

Written on April 30, 2009 by Joël McConnell in Monthly Top 10 | Top 10 Mensuales

Below are the answers to April’s most pressing and frequently asked questions.

Question 01: How long does it take to hear back regarding my scholarship application?

Answer 01: Generally scholarship applications are decided between 2 and 4 weeks from the time we receive a complete scholarship application.  Scholarship applications are not complete until we have all required documentation, in English or Spanish, and that you the potential student has received a confirmation from Financial Aid that your applications is complete.

Question 02: Where did the listings for the MET Fellowships, MBR Foundation and Multilingual Professionals Scholarships Go?

Answer 02: Some of the listings for scholarships available through Financial Aid were temporarily deactivated due to a glitch in the process related to the recent updating of the Financial Aid web page.  This situation has been corrected.

Question 03: Should I apply for one schoalrship, wait for a decision, and then if I am not awarded a scholarship apply for another scholarship?

Answer 03: No.  You can apply for up to 3 scholarships plus a fellowship, but once the Scholarship Committee has reviewed your case, it will not be considered again.  Be sure to take the time to apply for the best options given your profile, and apply for all scholarships at once.

Question 04: Is there a listing of Fellowship projects I can use when applying for a fellowship?

Answer 04: No.  The process works as follows: the candidate applies for a fellowship, then the Scholarship Committee decides whether or not to award a fellowships, and then the Financial Aid officer works with the various internal areas at IE to place fellows in projects where fellows are needed.

Question 05: Are IE Fellows and Fellowships the same?

Answer 05: Yes.  IE Fellows is the formal name for the program, but award recipents are referred to as fellows, and fellows complete fellowships during their program of study.

Question 06: Is the Caja Madrid loan program back up and running?

Answer 06: Yes.  But lending policies have become more stringent so we are recommending interested applicants see this Financial Aid option as a plan B.  Non-Spanish fiscal residents can only apply for up to a maximum of 30.000€.

Question 07: If I am married, does my wife/husband need to provide all the same documentation?

Answer 07: Yes, if you’re married under the shared asset regime.

Question 08: Do I need a NIE number to apply for a Caja Madrid loan?

Answer 08: Yes.  Without a Spanish residency number it is not possible to apply for a Caja Madrid loan.  In some cases it is possible to get a temporary residency number that allows for loan applications.

Question 09: How long does it take to have a loan decision for a Caja Madrid loan application?

Answer 09: It can take between 6 and 12 weeks, so apply early.

Question 10: I missed the AIESEC Scholarships Information sessions, how can I learn more about?

Answer 10: See the recording by copying and pasting the following link into a new browser: 

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