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For our international students, please keep in mind that the temporary fiscal number we obtain for you is NOT the same as the NIE number the Student Office will help you obtain, as part of the Student Visa process.

To clarify:

1) NI stands for “Numero de Identificación” and NIF is a temporary fiscal identification number, where the F stands for the word Fiscal. NIE is a ID document that allows you to legally reside in Spain, and the E stands for the word Extranjero. NIE can work for both personal and fiscal identification, but NIF only works for fiscal purposes.

2) The temporary NIF (fiscal number which is valid for 3 months) allows Financial Aid to open a bank account and loan applications for you before you come to Spain. This number may also be referred to as a temporary NIE, but actually it’s not a temporary NIE, since it cannot be used as a personal identification. When you are dealing with Financial Aid, always refer to a temporary NIF.

3) The NIE (residency number) is the number you will eventually have once you are physically in Spain and is the number that will appear on your ID card issued by the Spanish authorities. Only the Student Office can and should help you with obtaining this number.

4) If Financial Aid obtains a temporary NIF for you ahead of your arrival, you must go to Hacienda/Agencia Tributaria (Spanish taxation authorities) once you have obtained your NIE and ask for a modification of your identification data by presenting the AEAT’s 030 form (get it here) duly filled in together with your original NIE and passport. By doing this you will guarantee that your final NIF in Hacienda’s records coincides with the NIE provided by the Police. This is especially important if you plan staying in Spain/the EU after you complete your program at IE.


Please refer to the multiple other postings on this blog about the Caja Madrid loan program as well, but here are some basic pointers about the Caja Madrid loan program that are key to keep in mind:

  1. Under no circumstances is the Caja Madrid option guaranteed, as such we recommend students see it as a plan B to another primary option.  This is especially true for international students who do not yet have a NIE number (see: Caja Madrid and Residency (NIE) Requirements for more information on NIE numbers).
  2. While not necessary, having a local cosigner who is a Spanish fiscal resident (living and working in Spain) helps with regards to the credit evaluation process.  Credit markets, globally, are complicated at the moment, and the more you can reduce the risk for lending institutions, the better your chances of getting a loan from them.
  3. Spanish law requires that if you are married and are living with your spouse under a shared-asset regime, then both you and your spouse must present your documentation individually, and both must physically be in Madrid to sign the loan contract, if awarded a loan from Caja Madrid.
  4. Cosigners must always be Spanish fiscal residents.
  5. Please pay extra attention to the email correspondences sent by the Financial Aid Assistants regarding your pending loan application.  Failure to do so, and act on the requests they send, is a primary reason for much longer than expected waiting times for loan decisions from Caja Madrid.

Caja Madrid and Residency (NIE) Requirements

Written on March 2, 2009 by Joël McConnell in Loans | Préstamos

Recent changes to Spanish law (Real Decreto 1861/1991) now make it a requirement for Spanish financial institutions to collect a residency number when opening bank accounts or providing access to other financial instruments such as bank loans.  What this means for admitted IE program candidates who do not yet have Spanish nationality or residency is that applying for a loan through our Caja Madrid loan agreement will be challenging.  This is because while all students must have their payment plan and sources of financing set before they enter their program, technically students cannot apply for a Caja Madrid loan until they have a Número de Identificación de Extranjeros – NIE (pronounced: knee-eh) number.  NIE numbers can only be obtained once a student is physically in Madrid, and it is a process that can take upwards of 6 weeks.  Therefore, barring that a student processes their visa and NIE application well in advance of their program, Caja Madrid is a complicated proposition for our international candidates.

We’re working on finding a solution to this situation, but for now, we are advising international students to only see Caja Madrid loans as a back-up option should other financing options not come through.


If you’re going to be studying in Madrid full-time for the entirety of your program, you´ll need to have a local bank account.  Our financial partner, Caja (pronounced: cah-hah) Madrid provides access to bank accounts for IE students who are studying in Madrid.

Blended Format and/or Part-Time Programs

Unless you have Spanish residency, we are not currently able to offer you a Caja Madrid bank account because Spanish Law (Real Decreto 1816/1991) requires a NIE or other residency document (eg. Spanish passport) to open an account at a Spanish financial institution.  Given the nature of blended format (mixed presential and online) or part-time programs, generally a tourist visa or no documentation (please check with your local Spanish Embassy for more information) is required to travel to Madrid for short-term stays.  As such, we are curently not able to obtain a bank account on you behalf.

See: Opening An Account | Abrir una cuenta for more information on how to open an account.

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