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Acabamos de lanzar la nueva convocatoria de becas con la Organización de Estados Americanos (Organization of American States). Más de 40 becas con un presupuesto total que llega a los US$500,000. Ver la web de la OEA o contactarnos ( para informarse sobre fechas, programas y las becas disponibles. Requisito: tener nacionalidad de un país miembro de la OEA.

Más información en los medios: América Economía (clikear aquí).


SCIEF has launched the first Scholarship Program for a candidate to study a PhD in Management specialized in Finance with IE Business School as we want to invest in researching the future of alternative finance. Student will have to follow the general courses for the PhD program. In the dissertation period, the candidate will be able to specialize on Islamic Finance and do the dissertation on a topic from the area. We invite students with excellent academic background with a strong commitment to the research and publishing advancement the field of Islamic finance to apply.

Learn more about this opportunity by navigating to the SCIEF blog here.

You can also access complete information via PDF by clicking here.


Attention Russian Candidates!

Written on June 21, 2011 by Joël McConnell in Global News on Financial Aid

This week a news item came in to me that claims a sizeable group of Russian nationals will be offered scholarships if they can obtain admissions to one of the world’s top 100 academic institutions.

See the full, Russian-language article “Государство оплатит учебу в зарубежных вузах при условии возвращения на родину” here:

If you are a Russian national and can confirm this (or have comments or information to the contrary) please comment here or email us at .

Up until now the Russian Government has not organized a formal scholarship program of this sort.


Chinese women are now leading the way, with regards to completing their master studies outside China, at the world’s top institutions (see the recent BusinessWeek article on the subject here) and many of these top candidates need financial assistance to access top master degree programs.  While IE has been active in China for many years, and we also have a representative office in Shanghai (contact: china @, we are actively supporting top candidates via Financial Aid as well.

To learn more about the awards, see here.  Keep in mind that to apply for these awards you must have previously been admitted to a qualifying master program.


Are you interested in the field of International Relations (IR) or Sustainability?

If you intend to study one of these subjects at the the master level then you should read on because IE is now working with Oxfam to provide scholarships of up to 50% of tuition fees to students of IE’s Master in International Relations (see here) and Master in Global and Environmental Change (see here).  There is also one additional scholarship available for a Bachelor Degree student of either the Bachelor of Biology (see here) or the Bachelor of Communication (see here).

The Collaboration Between IE and Intermón Oxfam

Given IE and Oxfam’s commitment to leading sustainability initiatives through international collaboration, Intermón Oxfam and IE have decided to launch a scholarship/grant program that makes obtaining a top education in the fields of IR and sustainability more accessible for future leaders in this sector.

In addition, Oxfam will be participating in the IE Social Responsibility Forum this coming November, and they will also be participating in the IE Career Fair in October 2011.  Both organizations are also collaborating in academic areas such as research, case studies and teaching.

Programs and Scholarships Available

The programs that are included and the related grants which are included in this program are:

1) Master in Intertional Relations – 2 fellowship grants of 30% of tuition fees (value of 8.700€ per award)
2) Master in Global and Environmental Change – 2 fellowship grants of 50% of tuition fees (value of 9.000€ per award)
3) Bachelor of Biology/Bachelor of Communication – 1 fellowship grant of 50% of tuition fees (value of 9.000€)

Each scholarship recipient will be provided the title of IE Fellow, and will complete their fellowship work at Oxfam conributing directly to several key projects they organizations currently has on the go, in the fields of IR,  sustainability and communications.  So, in addition to an award, scholarship recipients will gain professional experience in their fields of interest with a leading global organization.

Taking Action: Apply Now

Navigate to the program web pages and apply for admissions.  If you are offered a spot in one of the qualifying programs, then you should immediately apply for the scholarship by navigating to



Las becas OEA/IE son ofrecidas por la Fundación IE en España y la OEA en Washington a aquellos candidatos que quieren estudiar un programa Máster en IE y cubren entre un 30% y un 40% de la matrícula. Las becas se otorgarán a los candidatos interesados en realizar uno de los 9 programas de máster ofrecidos por IE en el curso 2011-2012. Tras completar sus estudios los becarios también tendrán la posibilidad de realizar prácticas en la OEA. Más información en la web de Financial Aid (  La fecha límite para solicitar admisión al programa y para postular a la beca es el: 10 de junio de 2011.

Aplica ya, aquí va la solicitud (haz clic aquí).


The OAS/IE Scholarships for Master degree candidates offered by the IE Foundation in Spain and the OAS in Washington cover between 30% and 40% of program tuition fees, and interested candidates can choose from one of 9 different master programs offered by IE in the 2011-2012 academic year. Scholarship recipients also have possibility of doing an internship within the OAS upon completion of their Master program. The deadline to apply for Admission and to the OAS/IE scholarship is June 10th, 2011.

Apply now, here’s the application form (click here).


IE was recently featured in an article along with other top schools such as ESMT, University of Melbourne and INSEAD regarding supporting diversity and the availability of scholarships.

See the article here, and then check out the Financial Aid web site for the various options available to candidates who have obtained admissions and that bring diversity to the classroom at IE.  This blog also contains additional information about the various Financial Aid options for admitted IE degree candidates, so do take some time to check out the content here as well.

More information on City A.M. at


Study abroad schoalrships for Danish nationals are available via Statens Uddannerlsesstøtte SU – the Danish Education Support Agency.

Students who wish to study abroad may apply for a scholarship for up to two years. The scholarship is intended to partly or wholly cover the tuition fees at certain study programmes in other countries.

There is a maximum limit to the study abroad scholarship. The amount at most corresponds to the sum received by a Danish educational institution for a corresponding study programme in Denmark. Should the tuition fees at the foreign educational institution be higher than the Danish scholarship, you must pay the remainder of the fee yourself. Also grants are available to cover living expenses.

IE is a recognized academic institution (SU berettiged) for master degree study, see the below link more additional information of SU support programs for Danish nationals.

More information here.


 One of IE Business School’s most important partners in Germany is – a network of Germany’s top students and professionals, started and supported by McKinsey Consultants.  To read a recent story that was published on e-fellows’ web site about an IE student, check out the link below.


Mit Stipendium an die IE Business School…. Ein fettes Grinsen im Gesicht

Ein MBA-Stipendium pro Studienstart vergibt die IE Business School in Madrid exklusiv an Stipendiaten und Alumni von sowie an Teilnehmer des MBA Day. e-fellow Benoît hat eins ergattert – und spart damit die Hälfte der Studiengebühren…

See the full story here (text in German).


If you’re admitted to the International MBA and are thinking of doing a Dual Degree, here is a very useful document for the International MBA + MLOG/ZLOG option: IE Business School+ MIT Dual Degree .

Key general tips on dual degrees and Financial Aid:

1) You must apply for Financial Aid before your start BOTH programs, and you are only considered for said applications if you can demonstrate definitive admissions to both programs before your start either program.

2) The assistance from IE Financial Aid, if provided, only applies to the International MBA.  For financial assistance for the additional program the student must apply directly to the partner institution. 

3) If a scholarship is awarded for the International MBA component of the Dual Degree the student will need to pay their place reservation within a set amount of days not only to maintain their spot in the program, but also to formally accept the scholarship.  Failure to do so will result in the lapsing of the IE Financial Aid offer.  This policy applies equally if students do the other degree component first, then continue on with the International MBA.

4) If a student is awarded a Dual Degree Scholarship for the International MBA component of the Dual Degree program, the student is not elegible for any other award offered by IE or collaborating scholarship institutions.  Students can still apply for a loan from Banca March or Caja Madrid however, again only for their study period in Madrid (International MBA part of Dual Degree).

5) Students who do the International MBA first, and who don’t decide to apply to the other institution until they have already started their program at IE, are NOT elegible for IE Financial Aid and cannot apply for the Dual Degree Scholarship.  Students must apply to the partner institution directly.

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