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Isabelle Chiaradia, a native of the state of California and recent graduate of the International MBA program, talks about her experience as a Fulbright grant recipient at IE Business School.  See the video here:

Every year IE receives 3 Fulbright grant recipients, one each for the following programs:

1) International MBA (Full Scholarship + Living Expenses)
2) Master in Management (Full Scholarship + Living Expenses)
3) Master in Digital Journalism (Full Scholarship + Living Expenses)

You must be a US citizen to apply for these grants, and the selection process is competitive, so prepare well and apply according to the deadlines stipulated on the Fulbright web page.

To see an additional Fulbright testimony from grant recipient Cheryl Wilson, see here:


Matthew Yglesias [sic], quoting related research (see the source paper here) claims that a disproportionate amount of scholarships go to non-hispanic, caucasian students in the US.  He also says that this has more to do with universities trying to produce more successful graduates: “It turns out to be more cost-effective to invest in recruiting better inputs. And since high school seniors from high socioeconomic status families tend to already be better-prepared for college than kids from low-socioeconomic status families, that means that financial aid resources naturally flow to the high-socioeconomic status students.”

The conclusion from both the research paper and Yglesias both seem to be that merit-based scholarships go to the better off.

Check out the full story here.


Thinking of applying for a private loan?  Then take into account that most US financial institutions are doing their best to ensure the ongoing quality of their loan portfolio.  How can you better your chances of being approved?  First, present your application with a high-quality cosigner: the overwhelming majority of those approved initially applied with a qualified cosigner.  Second, make sure your credit is in order: while there are many variables that could affect the approval of credit, typically a credit score in the range of 730 to 760 would be considered competitive.  For information on how to improve your FICO, click here. Finally, make sure you apply for the minimum amount necessary, that together with personal savings, family support and/or corporate backing will allow you to meet tuition dues and living expenses for your time in Madrid, without taking on too much financial burden.”

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